Lovestruck 2

The sequel to Lovestruck obviously. Liam and Abby have been dating for a few months now and he's ready to introduce him as her girlfriend Abby is unsure about this though because of all the hate they might get. She gets scared even more when she gets a strange note from a crazy obssessed fan at first she thinks its a joke and now she's not so sure.


6. Rehearsals

We had finally arrived at the Allstate Arena. We all walked in they had covered my face with sunglasses because there were so many fans there. The boys crowded around me because I was supposedly a surprise for the fans. So I couldn't be seen by any of them. This is so cool, I could be like there element of surprise! So anyways we rushed into the Arena and the manager gave me a big hug! "So glad to meet you Abby, Liam has told me so much about you!" He said as he hugged me.
"Yeah Abby he talks about you nonstop!" Harry replied a little annoyed.
"Yes, well I'm sure the boys have told you that your performing with us?" He said
"Yes but to be honest I'm kinda nervous,"I replied
"Haha you Americans are so funny, don't worry you'll do fine if you can sing in a restaurant full of people this can't be much different!"
"I guess...."
"Good then we'll start rehearsing in a few minutes!"
I looked at the boys then at Liam,"Don't worry if your just nervous just pretend I'm in the crowd and cheering you on!"
He's so sweet and even though it's been months I still can't believe he's actually mine! It was sort of like a dress rehearsal we had to rehearse for two days. Lou Teasdale came up to me and hugged me,"Abby so great to see you again!"
"Yes did you bring baby Lux?"
"Yes here she is!"
I saw baby Lux walking in baby steps haha towards me saying my name. She spoke very well for a baby trying to learn words.
"But we have to get back on track you can play with her later. I have to show you the dresses for you to wear."
"Wait I'm gonna have to wear a dress?! I didn't agree to wearing a dress!"
"Well your going to have to your at a concert after all and the boys theme for the last part of the concert is to wear something fancy," she said as she held baby lux in her arms.
"Ugh, fine."
I looked through the rack of clothes and found one dress that really caught my eye. I looked at Lou for her approval and she had approved it. Now all I needed to know was the song I was singing I ran to their vocalist and asked her what I was singing she had told me I was singing Bubbly again. The manager must've liked that song so much he wanted me to sing it for the concert. I went to the dressing room to change I put on a one strap blue dress. It was sparkly at the top and I guess fru fru at the hip down to the bottom it was truly beautiful. I had hidden myself from Liam because I wanted to keep my dress a surprise. Their manager had gone over their order of the shows with us when he was driving us to rehearsal. I was second to the last song. I heard the boys rehearsing on the stage they sang beautifully. I was still a directioner at heart. Finally it was my turn I walked up on stage with my dress and beautiful black heels. I started to sing I gave it my all. When I had finished Liam came up to me and hugged me tight. "Abby you look beautiful in that dress! And your voice was beautiful as well!"
"Thanks Liam now go up there it's the last song of the day!"
He rushed on the stage and sang there last song.
The boys had been giving me and Liam the look all night! I wonder what they're up to? "Guys are you sure it's ok that I bring this dress home?!" I asked confused. We were already in the van heading home.
"Yeah lads we've never brought our costumes home before!" Liam replied wearing his cute vest with the nice long sleeved shirt underneath
"You'll see,"Harry replied suspiciously.

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