Lovestruck 2

The sequel to Lovestruck obviously. Liam and Abby have been dating for a few months now and he's ready to introduce him as her girlfriend Abby is unsure about this though because of all the hate they might get. She gets scared even more when she gets a strange note from a crazy obssessed fan at first she thinks its a joke and now she's not so sure.


11. Protected

Wait that was Mr. X who bumped into me?! This was getting serious. I was the only one in the car so far and none of the boys were around me so no one had seen the letter. I started to cry feeling worried. I had my whole life ahead of me and now I'm just gonna die because of a stupid obsessed fan who wanted Liam so bad. There was a chance I could die tomorrow and I didn't want to leave my life not yet! Liam came into the car, "Sorry babe, some fans saw us and we ended up talking to us and they really liked you. I think they know you too,"Liam stopped and saw me crying,"Abby what's wrong?! Please tell me ever since yesterday you've been worried and now you're crying! Please tell me I don't wanna see you like this!"
I had to tell Liam whether I liked it or not. He's my boyfriend and he has a right to know. I told Liam how yesterday I had gotten a letter from Mr. X and she threatened me. I told him I thought it was a joke at first until I got another letter. I handed him the second letter. "Who would do this to you!?!" He replied mad. "I won't let this Mr. X do anything to you! I won't let her hurt you Abby because I never want to lose you ever again. And I'm certainly not going to lose you like this!" He held me close,"Liam you don't have to hold me tight the whole time," I told him. "I don't care I'm not letting anything hurt you I'm not losing because of some obsessed fan!" The other boys got into the van the whole time and saw Liam holding me the whole time. He wouldn't let me go even when we got into the house he held my hand tight. Even when I went to bed he sat beside my bed with a bat. This guy was really serious he really didn't wanna lose me! "That's it I'm calling the police this is too serious!" Liam said taking out his phone, "Hello police I'd like to report that my girlfriend is being threatened!" "Is this another call from Louis Tomlinson? We're not falling for your tricks anymore!" They hung up the phone on him! "Louis why now!I'll just have to stay up all night protecting you!" He said.
"Liam you can go to sleep hun, it's fine! It's probably a joke!"
"Whoever sent you that was not joking and if she wants to hurt you too bad! That's never going to happen!" Liam said I fell asleep and Liam was still sitting there with a bat. I was worried what if Liam got hurt? I can't lose him either!
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