Lovestruck 2

The sequel to Lovestruck obviously. Liam and Abby have been dating for a few months now and he's ready to introduce him as her girlfriend Abby is unsure about this though because of all the hate they might get. She gets scared even more when she gets a strange note from a crazy obssessed fan at first she thinks its a joke and now she's not so sure.


9. Mr. X

The last day of rehearsals was finally over and I was walking out with Liam and found this paper on the floor with my name on it. I picked it up, it turns out it's a letter and it read:
I know your secret. Stay away from my future husband! I will give you three days to break up with him but until then I will be watching you constantly. Waiting to strike if you don't break up with him in three days you'd better watch out because I will come and hurt you.
Mr. X

Omigosh! Mr. X actually existed?! I thought it was a rumor that she actually tried to shoot Harry at a concert and now she's out to get me? "What's that babe?" Liam asked me. "Oh uh it's nothing just a piece of trash." I lied as I threw it away. "Oh ok we'd better catch up with the lads and head back to your place." He replied. We ran up to the rest of the boys to the van. "Ha we beat you lads this time!" Louis said rubbing it in my face. "Yeah ok that's great Louis," I said not focused. I was really worried I hope this is all just a joke. If it is it's not really funny. I don't want anyone getting hurt especially Liam. But what should I tell him? Oh a weird fan wants to kill me so she can have you, that doesn't sound right at all! "What's wrong Abby? Ever since you looked at that paper you looked all worried." Liam asked concerned. "Liam I'm totally fine, I'm just thinking." I replied
"About what?"
"What if I don't wanna perform tomorrow or you introduce me as your girlfriend. I mean what if we both get a lot of hate and-"
"Abby they'll love you! Don't worry about it the only thing that matter is that I think you are the most amazing girl I've ever met and you're mine and no one else's."
The rest of the car ride was kinda quiet except Louis kept talking about messed up dinosaurs or something I don't know. But I just kept thinking about Mr. X I'm really worried I don't wanna end up dying and never see Liam or any of the boys ever again. Also what will she do with Liam when she's done with me, I can't think of that right now. I get ready for bed and Liam heads back to the guest room. Until," hey Liam?" I stop him. "Yeah babe?" He replied
"Can you sleep with me tonight?"
"Sure but I was kinda planning to hang with the lads tonight."
"Oh ok, I just wanted you to be with me because I feel so safe around you."
"Why all of a sudden are you asking me this? Is something going on?"
"No I just wanna be with my boyfriend that's all."
"Alright but if there's anything going on you have to tell me ok? No matter what because if some one or something is trying to hurt you I will always be there to protect you, I don't want to risk losing you ever again"
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