Lovestruck 2

The sequel to Lovestruck obviously. Liam and Abby have been dating for a few months now and he's ready to introduce him as her girlfriend Abby is unsure about this though because of all the hate they might get. She gets scared even more when she gets a strange note from a crazy obssessed fan at first she thinks its a joke and now she's not so sure.


4. Alone Time

As soon as we got in my house Niall rushed to the kitchen to our fridge. Good old Niall he loved his food! The rest of the lads jumped on my couch to watch TV. "Dad you can head upstairs and relax. I can handle these boys and if there's any trouble I'll call you or mom."
My dad headed upstairs everyone my mom dad and brother were in their rooms. My brother Gabe didn't want to have anything to do with One Direction. I understood since I talked about them especially Liam nonstop. I turned around and saw Liam smiling at me. He motioned closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me. "How bout giving me a tour of your house babe?"
"Sure Liam," I replied
We could finally get some alone time as a couple since my whole family was in their rooms and the rest of the boys were watching TV and Niall was raiding our fridge. I showed him everything from the bathrooms. Well he had to know where the restrooms were! What if he had to go, and all the rooms like our party room and where they were sleeping for the next two or three days, and finally it had come to my room. "It's alright Abby you don't have to show me if you don't want to,"he asked. I wanted to I just didn't want it to get too serious when we do. I opened the door and showed him all my stuff like my TV. Guitar and all that stuff. Liam smiled at me and picked the movie Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield. "We met this guy while on tour he's a really fun guy and recommended the movie to us I'm really curious because I just love superheroes can we watch it in here?"
"Sure Liam this'll be like our first date in months!" I said excited I went back downstairs and got popcorn and sneaked back upstairs. I didn't want anyone to interrupt us. I started the movie and forgot to change into my pjs. "Liam could you pause the movie I need to change into my pjs?"
"Sure I should probably change too!" Liam said as he headed downstairs to get his suitcase. I quickly got my pjs and rushed to the bathroom to change. I had blue shorts and I was wearing my DePaul shirt. I headed back to my room Liam was already changed into his pjs. He's so cute! He was wearing the the turtle themed pjs I gave him for Christmas! I played the movie and me and Liam cuddled on my bed as we watched. Whenever I saw something really creepy I always cuddled closer to him it was so sweet! This was the best date I had with him in months! When the movie finished I dozed off and I could hear Liam whispering in my ear."Good night babe, I love you."

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