With His First Hello

Hi! My name is Natasha and I am 18 years old! Me and my best friend Kaitlin are HUGE One Direction fans from the start! My dad is a song writer and has written many songs that have been in the top charts! He has written for Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Phillip Phillips, Maroon 5, Down With Webster, and Justin Bieber. Seen as it’s my father who writes many songs I get to meet all of his clients! I have met some of the most famous stars out there! But what happens when my dad gets new clients....The biggest boy band in the world right now!? Sparks fly and tears fall! People’s hearts are broken and mended! Love and romance and even a disapproving father! Things get very heated up aswell! If you know what i mean! :)


3. The Call

“Hey princess! How are you?” my dad replied sounding very happy. “I'm doing great we just finished eating and was cleaning up the dishes” “oh well I will be quick!” He said rapidly “its fine! Anyways why was it you called?” I asked curiously “oh yah! Well I have some great news!! I signed another contract today!” he said without hesitation! “SERIOUSLY?!? That's great dad! I'm very happy for you!” i said and I truly was proud of him! People always loved his songs they were truly amazing! “Any ways so I’m going to be picking you up tomorrow morning at 7:00 and were going on a little trip to visit my new clients!’’ my dad said sounding more excited than a child on Christmas! “ok sounds good! I will let Kaitlin and Susan know that I will be leaving tomorrow morning!” I was really excited and couldn’t wait to meet someone else famous! “Alright sweetie love you lots see you tomorrow morning!” “Love you to dad!” and with that I hung up! I walked into the kitchen and Kaitlin and Susan were sitting at the table “So, that was my dad and I have some good news and some bad news!” I said as I sat down at the table my self. “Is everything alright?” Susan asked, she was so sweet and was like my mother! “yeah nothing is really wrong in fact its great news!” I paused for dramatic affect mostly because I knew Kaitlin hated it! “Well my dad got signed with new clients!!!” “That's great I’m so happy for you guys” Kaitlin said while jumping up and giving me the biggest hug ever!! “So what’s the bad news?” Kaitlin asked as she stopped hugging me. “Well As per usual my dad always takes me to meet the new client so hes coming to pick me up tomorrow morning at 7:00!” i stated bluntly “that's fine with me! You going to meet someone else famous!!! Your gunna have a blast don’t worry about me we can always have another sleep over! “ Kaitlin said as she started to hug me again!

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