With His First Hello

Hi! My name is Natasha and I am 18 years old! Me and my best friend Kaitlin are HUGE One Direction fans from the start! My dad is a song writer and has written many songs that have been in the top charts! He has written for Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Phillip Phillips, Maroon 5, Down With Webster, and Justin Bieber. Seen as it’s my father who writes many songs I get to meet all of his clients! I have met some of the most famous stars out there! But what happens when my dad gets new clients....The biggest boy band in the world right now!? Sparks fly and tears fall! People’s hearts are broken and mended! Love and romance and even a disapproving father! Things get very heated up aswell! If you know what i mean! :)


2. Sleep over

As school finished Kaitlin and I headed back to the bus. We talked about nothing else but One Direction all the way home! When the bus stopped we walked off. ``you want me to come help you pack.`` Kaitlin asked. ``Sure! I mean if you want that is! It will go faster!``  I said.  ``ok lets go pack!`` Kaitlin replied very excited. As we walked up to the house `we continued to talk about One Direction ``Imagine going to one of their concerts than them doing twitter questions and your was if you would pull a girl up onto stage and sing a song to her and than they did! That would be so amazing!!`` Kaitlin said looking off into space ``no u know what would be even better!`` ``What`` ``is if my dad worked with them!! And then i got to meet them seen as i meet all of his clients!`` i dreamed! ``That would be so amazing!`` Kaitlin replied. We got to my house and opened the door. We headed up the stairs still day dreaming over the 5 boys that changed our lives! We finished packing and headed over to Kaitlin`s house! It was 4:00 pm when we got to her house. We headed up to her room and turned on Entertainment Tonight. First thing that popped up made us scream! It was none other than One Direction! ``Turn it up, I cant hear what they are saying!`` I nudged Kaitlin ``I am i am chill out!`` she nudged me back and we just laughed! ``Harry Styles of One Direction dumping Taylor Swift! I wonder what her next song is going to be called ‘Im the one with the problem! ‘”Said the women on the screen; Kaitlin and I just looked at each other and started laughing uncontrollably! “Rumour has it that One Direction is getting a new song writer! Is this true or not! We will have to wait and find out!” the lady spoke again and with those words both Kaitlin and I froze! We looked at each other speechless! “You don’t think it is your dad do u?” Kaitlin asked me “I have no idea! I doubt it though I’m not that lucky!” I sighed It was about 5:45 when our stomachs started to growl so we headed down stairs. “Why hello Tasha how are you?” Kaitlin’s mom Susan asked. “I’m doing great how about you?” I asked “just fine thanks!” With that we sat down at the table and started to eat! It was one of my favorite meals ever! PIZZA!!! We finished supper and cleaned up the dishes, and just as we were finishing washing dishes my cell rang. I picked it up and saw that it was my dad calling “sorry i have to take this it’s my dad!” I apologised to Susan and went into the living room. “Hello!” i answered a little bit worried as to why he had called me!

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