With His First Hello

Hi! My name is Natasha and I am 18 years old! Me and my best friend Kaitlin are HUGE One Direction fans from the start! My dad is a song writer and has written many songs that have been in the top charts! He has written for Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Phillip Phillips, Maroon 5, Down With Webster, and Justin Bieber. Seen as it’s my father who writes many songs I get to meet all of his clients! I have met some of the most famous stars out there! But what happens when my dad gets new clients....The biggest boy band in the world right now!? Sparks fly and tears fall! People’s hearts are broken and mended! Love and romance and even a disapproving father! Things get very heated up aswell! If you know what i mean! :)


5. Getting ready to go!

Natasha's POV: That night Kaitlin and I couldnt sleep AT ALL! I was so excited that i get to meet my dads new clients, and Kaitlin was just so excited for me! Finally we both fell asleep probably at like 4 in the morning! which made 7 am come very soon!! We were waken up by the smell of bacon!

"BACON!" both Kaitlin and i yelled and we ran into the kitchen! Susan was making bacon and eggs! but, being the princesses that Kaitlin and I are we just devoured the bacon!!!

"Crap look at the time! i got to get ready! my dad will me here in and hour!" I screamed looking at my cell phone! "By the way thanks for breakfast Susan!" and I ran off with Kaitlin to get ready!

"What am i going to wear?" i started to panic!

"oh calm down already! i will help you!" Kaitlin stated calmly.

"fine im trying i just want to look nice!" i said

"i know i know! not go shower while i find something for u to wear! u stink!" Kaitlin told me jokingly!

"yah yah shut up! u stink to!" I winked at her as I walked to take a shower!

I showered than walked back into Kaitlin's room in my towel. when I stopped and looked at the outfit on the bed!

"your a genius u know that?" I smiled at her admiring the outfit! I was a gray flowing tank top that had an "I" than a Heart than a mustache on it! and than a really cute flowing skirt that was a light pink, and finally a pair of black flats. i put on the outfit and i looked hot! ;)

"thanks babe!" i said to Kaitlin. we called each other that all the time! (no homo ;) )

"now sit down and let me do ur hair and make up!" she said excitedly she loved  to do this!

"fine!" i huffed sarcastically!

Kaitlin began doing my makeup and hair, and by the end of it i was shocked!

"I LOVE IT!!" i smiled at Kaitlin

She curled my hair into "beach waves" so basically loose curls, than added some gold eyeshadow and black eyeliner, lipgloss, and some blush! I was ready to go! I looked at the time and it was 7:56! great almost time to go! I couldnt wait!

Just as we were walking down the stairs with all of my stuff my dad was walking in to door.

"Wow are you ever dressed nice and pretty!" My dad said to me with a huge smile plastered of his face. we handed him my bags so he could put them in the car.

"Well, thank you for everything once again and sorry we had to cut it short!" I said to Susan as I gave her a hug!

"and Kaitlin I will make sure to update u like every five minutes!!" i said sarcastically!

"YOU BETTER!" she replioed seriously than burst out laughing!

"alright well, i better get going! I will see you guys later!"  I said as i gave them one last hug and headed out the door to my dad who was waiting in the car!

"You ready to go?" my dad asked.

"You bet I am!"

and with that we started on out drive to the airport!

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