With His First Hello

Hi! My name is Natasha and I am 18 years old! Me and my best friend Kaitlin are HUGE One Direction fans from the start! My dad is a song writer and has written many songs that have been in the top charts! He has written for Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Phillip Phillips, Maroon 5, Down With Webster, and Justin Bieber. Seen as it’s my father who writes many songs I get to meet all of his clients! I have met some of the most famous stars out there! But what happens when my dad gets new clients....The biggest boy band in the world right now!? Sparks fly and tears fall! People’s hearts are broken and mended! Love and romance and even a disapproving father! Things get very heated up aswell! If you know what i mean! :)


7. Finally the time has come!

Natasha's POV:   Once we got to the airport  we received our tickets, and got onto the plane.....and it wasnt even any plane.. IT WAS A PRIVATE ONE!!!! It had huge leather seats and a couple dvd players! it was awesome!

"So you uh like it?" my dad asked while laughing!

:Like?? I LOVE IT! its so awesome!!!!" I screamed!

"Please sit Down and fasten your seatbelt, for the p[lane will be taking off shortly!" a voice said over the intercom

I couldnt wait! This wasnt my first plane ride so i knew the drill!

"So dad, who are your new clients?" i asked him hoping he would tell me now instead of making me wait like usual!

"U know i am not going to tell you so why do you bother asking?" He replied slightly chukling.

"Fiiine!" i huffed and decided to pull out my phone and text Kaitlin!

*Just taking off! i love planes..OH and it a private one too!! i totally wasnt expecting this! like what??* I sent

A couple minutes later she replied

*NO WAY a private airplane!! nice! it must be someone with lots of money than!! hmm i wonder who!!! I HATE waiting!!*

*try being me! oh well! at least its only like 3 hours instead of 8 like the last one!*

*Yah good thing! well im about to start class again gotta go! bye love ya!*

*Alright love yah to!*

And that was our conversation!

I decided to fall asleep and dream about what could happen in 3 hours!

i had woken up after what felt like 10 minutes but had really been 3 hours to someone shaking me. I look up and its my dad.

"Hey sweetie were are about to land"

"alright thanks dad!" I said as i looked in the little mirror that i had brought along. Thanks god my hair wasnt really messy! We land and get off the plane and are put into a limo! this is the third time that i have been in a limo! Once to go see Maroon 5 and another to go see Demi Lovato! I love limos! expecially the ones with food :)  (and no i am not fat! i just like food! and can eat alot and stay skinny! )

I decided to text Kaitlin and let her know we landed and are on out way!

*Hey gurl! im landed and in a limo! on my way to the studio!! cant wait only like 20 more minutes!!!* I sent her

*AHHH im so excited for u!! i cant even imagin how u r feelin!!! good luck and dont scream too loud!!* she replied

I laughed while i typed *lol alright ill try not too!*

after 10 more minutes we arrived at the studio!

"U ready?" my dad asked as we walked up to the doors!

"yah but im super nervous as per usual!" i replied with the biggest smile ever!

As we opened the doors many people greeted my dad, apparently he was pretty popular! He introduced me to many of then, which i dont know why because i will probably forget their names in 10 minutes tops!

We walked down a hall way and than my dad stopped me infront of a door.

"here we are!" my dad said before opening the door!



CLIFF HANGER!!!!!!!! Love u guys! :)

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