With His First Hello

Hi! My name is Natasha and I am 18 years old! Me and my best friend Kaitlin are HUGE One Direction fans from the start! My dad is a song writer and has written many songs that have been in the top charts! He has written for Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Phillip Phillips, Maroon 5, Down With Webster, and Justin Bieber. Seen as it’s my father who writes many songs I get to meet all of his clients! I have met some of the most famous stars out there! But what happens when my dad gets new clients....The biggest boy band in the world right now!? Sparks fly and tears fall! People’s hearts are broken and mended! Love and romance and even a disapproving father! Things get very heated up aswell! If you know what i mean! :)


9. Dinner

Natasha's POV:  We left the house and got into a couple different cars. I went in Louis car with him and Niall and the others went in Harry's car. On the way to the restaurant I decided to give Kaitlin a call! I dialed her number and it rang twice before she picked up.

"Hey tasha! How is One Direction? I bet they are even cuter in person!"

Louis looked over at me and just started to laugh. I take it he heard her.

"um yah i guess you could say that" I said as i winked at Louis. He continues to laugh

"Wait are you with them right now?" Kaitlin asked very excitedly

"Yah i am!" i replied than heard a bunch of screaming and had to pull the phone away from my hear. I turned and looked at Louis and Niall and they were cracking up laughing.

"Are you done yet?" i asked her

"Yah im done" she said as she laughed.

"so hows life been going there?" i asked her

"well i would way rather be there but we both know that wont ever happen! but beside that its great!" She said kind of bummed.

"well maybe we can figure something out! and anyways i got to go were here at the restaurant ill maybe skype you tonight? and maybe u will get to see the boys!" I said as she screamed again!

"alright have fun, but not too much fun!" She teased me and probably winked, even though she knew I see see! with that I hung up. Louis and Niall were still laughing!

"What's so funny?" I asked them trying to be serious.

"oh nothing! I can just imagine you and your friend planning out and imagining what the first time actually meeting us would be like!" Louis said trying not to laugh!

"what? pffft no we never did that!" I tried to protest, but he knew the truth!

"What ever you say!" Louis said and got out of the car. I just blushed! Just as I was about to open my car door it was already opened for me, by a wonderful Louis! I blushed and said thanks!

"Nando's? So it is true and not just rumors that you boys, especially Niall, love this place!" I said kinda of shocked.

"Wow u really are a big fan!" Louis winked at me while we walked in the doors.

"Come on Louis its call-min sense!" i laughed while i poked his side!

We walking into nandos and found a seat right away, than we ordered our food. I had never been there so I told Louis just to get me what he liked.  We ended up getting a Peri-Peri chicken sandwich! I wasnt sure what it would taste like or anything so I was kind of nervous! finally out food came and it looked SO YUMMY!!!

"Well, dont be shy, dig in!" Louis said to me as he poked my side, and of course I squirmed!

"Oh so your ticklish?" Louis asked me with a smirk on his face.

"Not at all!" I tried to say as calm as I could and decided to dig into my sandwich! It was so delicious! I ate it so fast! I even beat Niall! WHich I didnt think was ever humanly possible!

I look up and saw everyone starring at me, and this made me blush!

"Wow Niall you just got shown up!" Zayn says as he laughs and Niall just rolled his eyes and laughed.

"Um Natasha, you have a little sauce on your face!" Louis laughed and I went to wipe it off very embarrassed!

"I got it" HE said as he winked at me. He picked up his napkin at started wiping the sauce off my face! After he finished if seemed like everything had stopped and we were staring deep into eachothers eyes!

*Cough cough* I turned away and saw all the boys looking at us trying not to laugh.

"um yah i think we sahould head back now." Louis said and we got up and I went to pay.

"No way you dont pay! your the guest here! " Liam said and than he paid before I could refuse. after that we walked out and got back into the same cars.


Louis POV:

Man, I think I love her! The way she looked into my eyes. she is so beautiful! what have i gotten myself into! I wonder if her dad will allow me to date her! I sure hope so! I hope she likes me as well! I guess I will have to find out!

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