Summer Love Does Exist.

Alex had gone to her family's summer cabin every summer for as long as she can remember, but this year , its different. Her best friend Jake , who shes always secretly liked, is in deep depression. Its not the same anymore for jake, with his moms death and his dads suicide, he thinks there nothing left, but he's wrong. Alex is afraid of Jake now, he's depression has caused major mood swings and anger issues. Will her love stay strong enough to deal with him? Will Jake confront his feelings about his parents death , will he develop feelings for Alex?


3. What am i going to now?

~~Jakes P.O.V~~

"Jake, Jake, Jake wake up" Someone's shaking me out of the foggy haze of my dream.

"Jake" it says. "Jake, everyones going inside"

one more shake and I finally wake up. I sitting up, i notice it getting dark. Still in my swim suit , I don't have a shirt on, goose bumps raise on my skin as I shiver from cold breeze.

"come on everyone's inside" Alex says.

I follow her inside, into the living room where everyone was sitting around laughing and enjoying themselves. Uncle Tom , being the heart of the party, is telling one of his famous "childhood memories" I think he's just full of crap.

"apples to apples anyone?" Sarah says.

" I think I'm going to go take a nap." I say to anyone who's listening.

I see Alex look at me with disappointment as I turn around to go up to my room.

~Alex P.O.V~

Jakes so different after all of the deaths. I don't like it.

"hey wanna play?" Sam asks

"no I don't think so, im not in the mood" I say quietly

he grabs my shoulder, "hey whats wrong?" he asks

"nothing!" I say I little too sharply.

he looks hurt.

"im sorr-"

"no it fine, I understand" he says turning around.

I grab his arm.

"wait, wanna go for a walk?" I ask

" uhh, yeah sure" he reply's, grabbing my hand to help me up.

we walk in silence around the lake, but it wasn't awkward, it was peaceful.

"hey, can I talk to you?" Sam asks.

"yeah, of course" I reply

he turned towards me.

"listen, I really like you, and I want you to like me back, I know you probably like Jake more.. but is there any part inside of you, that likes me?" he ask

I don't know what to say, im just silent.

"ohh" he says. sighing he turns around.

"no wait" I say grabbing him.

he turns around and I smash my lips to his, I don't know why, but I do. his arms go around my waist and he kisses me back. I pull away.

"im sorry" I say looking down. I start to walk away.

"Alex! alex, wait!" Sam calls after me.

i stop, tears start to form in my eyes, i put my face in my hands. Sam catches up to me.

"Alex, what's going on?"

"i like Jake,  i really like him, i do, but hes changed so much, it makes me mad, and your here , your just so sweet and comforting and i love hanging out with you. its just confusing."

" its okay, now you know i like you, just don't let him hurt you, don't do anything you'll regret " he says grabbing my arm lightly indicating my bruises.

once we're back inside i get ready for bed, my head spinning.

"hey baby girl" my mom says walking into my room.

"hey mom."

"how is it so far?" she asked.

"its fine"

"what's wrong?"

"nothing mom. im fine" i fake a smile.

"okay, night sweetie" she says kissing my head, she left leaving the door open i go to shut it, just before i do i hear yelling.

"what did you do to her!?" Jake yells

"Nothing! we were just talking!!" Sam yells back.

"if i hear you did anything, your going to regret it!" Jake yells back

"whats going on? " i say surprising them both.

"nothing, its fine" Sam says.

"No! it obviously isn't!" i yell. "you guys are brothers! act like it!"

" Alex-"

"no" i shake my head and walk out of Sam's room.

there's no more voices, they are silent. Good. what am i going to do now?


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