Summer Love Does Exist.

Alex had gone to her family's summer cabin every summer for as long as she can remember, but this year , its different. Her best friend Jake , who shes always secretly liked, is in deep depression. Its not the same anymore for jake, with his moms death and his dads suicide, he thinks there nothing left, but he's wrong. Alex is afraid of Jake now, he's depression has caused major mood swings and anger issues. Will her love stay strong enough to deal with him? Will Jake confront his feelings about his parents death , will he develop feelings for Alex?


4. The Love Triangle

~~Sam P.O.V~

she walked out and we didn't say a thing, i couldn't even look at him.

"out. now" i say harshly.

he walks out slamming the door behind him. this is soo messed up! i like her, i really do, but now Jake has to get in the way. She like him more, i can tell. does he have feelings for her now? the way he was yelling at me, defending her. i shake my head and pull my shirt off over my head. I lay in bed, my head spinning with questions. i eventually fall asleep.

"breakfasttt" Karen's (Alex's mom)  voice rings into my room.

I stand groggily, pulling a shirt. i stumble into my bathroom looking at the alarm clock beside my bed, it read : 10:34.

I quickly brush my teeth and hair, then run downstairs following the smell of bacon and sausage. Alex's grandparents were sitting on rocking chairs looking out onto the lake, Sarah and Elizabeth where sitting at the table and Aunt Susie and uncle john were cooking with Johnny, Jake no where in sight, Alex bounds down the stairs right behind me.

"Hey" she says

"hey" my stomach growls loudly.

"hungry much?" she laughs

" starving" i grin and follow her to the table.

I sit next to her and her grandma sits on her other side, across from Sarah sits with Elizabeth sits next to her with Johnny at the end in a high chair. everyone settles in leaving one eat open, for Jake. just then he stomps down the stairs.

"uh hey everybody" he says awkwardly, because everyone was staring at him. he sits down and everyone digs in. 

"so what are we doing today?" Alex says.

"i want to go shopping!" Sarah squeals.

"i want to go swimming!" Elizabeth says

"we could go to the carnival?" i suggest.

"yes!" Alex says excitedly and i get a dirty look from Jake.

"yay! yeah lets goo!" Johnny says.

"who all wants to go? " Aunt Susie's asks

Everyone but Jake and the grandparents had their hands up, i few seconds later and with a sigh Jake slowly put his hand up as if it was painful to do so.

" i think we will stay here, or maybe go shopping" Grandma Deb said.

"okay! we are going to get ready right once we finish and go as soon as we can!" Sarah yells.

we finish quickly, and run each of our rooms and bathrooms getting ready to head out. i go to my room and i throw on some shorts and a plain white tank and some sandals. i go into the bathroom running water through my sandy blonde hair and i run a brush through it. i squish some mouth wash in my mouth and i run down stairs. Alex is there in a white button up collard tank tucked into some baby blue shorts. im not gunna lie, she looks amazing!

"take a picture it lasts longer" Alex says sarcastically winking at me.

i just smile awkwardly, not knowing what to do. just then Sarah runs down the stairs humming, followed by Elizabeth who's carrying Johnny, all ready and impatient. 

"everybody readyyy?" Aunt Susie yells.

"yes mom, we are just waiting on you!!" Sarah yells back and i smirk.

Karen's the next one to come down the stairs, she walks over and hugs Alex.

"car arrangements?" Karen asks?

" i call sitting with Elizabeth and Johnny" Sarah says loudly.

"okay " Karen laughs.

"wanna come with me and my mom?" Alex ask me.

"uh yeah!" i say trying not to sound excited.

everyone piles out to the cars when the last of the people walk down the stairs

~Jakes P.O.V~
i feel sick to my stomach when i see Sam get in the back of Alex's car with her. Karen is in the driver and she beckons me over to come it with, i do. Karen looks up the directions and were off.

when we get there im hit with the smell of B.O and fried food. fun.

"Rides!" Johnny squeals.

Sam and Alex walk away from the group so i follow.

"check in every hour! " Karen yells after us.

"yes momm" Alex replies.

"where to first" Sam asks.

"rides!" Alex exclaims.

we buy tickets and go to the first ride. a huge roller coast. it went straight up, then straight down and curved spun up side down turned here and there went up and down. it was huge. i sat by alex and sam was behind us, i bet he loved that, i chuckle to myself.

the next ride its switch him by Alex me behind. the next one is three seated so us and alex in the middle. the rest of the rides (except the bumper cars) where wars between Sam and I.

"Food?" Alex suggested.

"yes." Sam agrees.

we go to a stand with fries and burgers.

"here ill buy" i say to Alex.

"no i will" Sam said glaring at me.

"guys just stop!" Alex says "you guys have been at it all day! im tired of!"

she pays for her fries and drink, speechless we watch as she sits down by herself at a table.

~Alex P.O.V~

i cant believe those guys! i cant choose one if they both piss me off! its a stupid love triangle! i lik them both a lot. i just have to choose one though. the more i thought about it, the more i thought about one of them, he must be it. he's always on my mind, i will give it a try.

"hey Jake.."








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