Summer Love Does Exist.

Alex had gone to her family's summer cabin every summer for as long as she can remember, but this year , its different. Her best friend Jake , who shes always secretly liked, is in deep depression. Its not the same anymore for jake, with his moms death and his dads suicide, he thinks there nothing left, but he's wrong. Alex is afraid of Jake now, he's depression has caused major mood swings and anger issues. Will her love stay strong enough to deal with him? Will Jake confront his feelings about his parents death , will he develop feelings for Alex?


2. Broken-Hearted

"what.. whaa-" i stuttered not know what else to say.

No. Jennies too sweet. she was like a second mom to me.

He stood there with sad eyes. this is too much.

" and dad.."

"what? just start over.."

"Jennie died, in a car accident , dad fell in a deep deppression, he didnt get help, he was lost, he couldnt live without her, he killed himself." he said , tears forming in his deep brown eyes.

what. no. Jake? is he okay?

i get out of the cool pool, wrapping my towel around myself.

"jake?" i say my voice quivering.

"ar- are you okay?" no answer. "jake..?"

i walk through the house, checking each room and bathroom. i reach the last room, must be his. i knock.


i crack the door. hes on the edge of his bed with his face in his hands. i walk over to him to comfort him.

"are you okay?" i ask.

i reach out to put my hand on his shoulder.

"dont." he jerks and grabs my arm. it hurt.

"ow, jake let go of me!"

he stands, his hand still tightly gripping my arm.

"leave. now." he growls

he throws my arm down.


"go!" he yells.

i run out. i dont know what else to do, i just run and he slams the door behinds me. i run to my room slamming the door. i slump against the door sliding my back down , my butt hitting the floor. i cover my face with my hands, tears  streaming down my face.

what has gotten into him? why is he acting like this?!

" Alex?" i ignore Sams call.

he was fine a minute ago.

"Alex, i have to tell you somethings! its important" hes at my door by now. he knocks at my door.

" go away!" i yell.

"no! let me in!" he yells pounding on the door.

i let him. He crouched down in front of me.

"Alex, Jakes deppressed, but he shows it through anger, you have to be careful, he doesnt know how to control it, he doesnt know his strength." he says intensely.

i look down at my arm,  already starting to bruise where each finger was placed.

"did he do that?!" Sam asks alarmed.

"im fine" i whispered.

"i shouldve told you earlier" he said shaking his head.

"no, im fine" i say standing up as he stands up.

He puts his hand on my shoulder.

"come on" He said wiping my cheeks to dry the tears.

"lets go back to the pool" He says as dragging me out the door.


Even as we mess around in the pool i cant get my mind off of jake and what he did. its not like him. water hits my face with a force that knocks me over.

" hey!" i laugh, splashing Sam back.

but when i look hes gone. somethings knocks me over from under the water, behind by knees I fall. am engulfed with water when i breathe in, i come to the surface choking.

" Alex! im so sorry i didn't mean to!" Sams says worriedly half swimming half walking to me.

Once he got close enough i jumped on his back pushing him into the water.

"hey ! no fair! " he exclaims coming up from the water.

"i never read any rules" i throw back at him.

He pushes water into my face, i dodge it by going under the water, as i try to escape he grabs my ankle pulling me back towards him. i go up for air, carefully balancing myself on my one leg. i start to fall so i grab his

bare shoulder to balance myself. still off balance, he pushes me, the lightest push but it still makes me fall back into the water.

I come to the surface laughing I stop when I see Jake sit on a lawn chair, its about to be very awkward..

Sam swims over to me.

"Hey, just ignore him. lets have some fun!" he says to lighted the mood.

but when he grabs my arm, he grabs the bruised one.

"ow!" I screech before I can stop myself

everyone looks.

"im fine guys!" I reassure everyone, the go back to talking.

"Im so sorry Alex!" Sam says, alittle too worried.

"im fine! come on!" I say to him, swimming away , I turn around just in time to see
Sam give Jake a dirty look.

~~~~ Jakes P.O.V ~~~~

what happened to her arm? why did Sam give me that look? ohh myy gooddd im such a dumbass! she was just trying to help and all I do is hurt her.

"hey, whats up?" Ant Susie asks rubbing my back.

"its nothing. im fine." I lie, I feel bad but I just don't want to talk.

" alright, but if you ever need someone to talk to, im always here." she says.

I just nod.

I walk over to the hot tub, I need to relax. put one foot into the steaming pool of hot water, then the next, then the rest on my body, enjoying every second of it. I sigh in relief.

I look over to the pool nearby where Sam and Alex mess around. Sam puts his arms around her waist and spins her, she shrieks, her dark wet hair flinging everywhere her eye sparkle in amusement.

"put me downnn!" she shrieks

"okay" sam yells dropping her the water.

she doesn't come up for a while, the worries me, only for a second, she comes out of the water behind him jumping on his back, he didn't expect it and he flings forward into the water, she laughs in triumphant. I look away. Shes changed so much since last time I saw her, she not little anymore, her brown curls have grown out her brown eyes have darken, became more.. intense, her body has definitely changed, shes grown in her chest area, every curve is just perfect. apparently Sam thinks so to. the way he grabs her, always touching her

"alright whos ready for some wine and other drinks?" Aunt Susie says

"jello shots! " uncle tom yells running inside.

all of the adults join her inside. I close my eyes, taking advantage of the few moment to myself. I really should apologize. I should, doesn't mean im going to.. its a thought. just a thought, that quickly disappears as I doze off..



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