Summer Love Does Exist.

Alex had gone to her family's summer cabin every summer for as long as she can remember, but this year , its different. Her best friend Jake , who shes always secretly liked, is in deep depression. Its not the same anymore for jake, with his moms death and his dads suicide, he thinks there nothing left, but he's wrong. Alex is afraid of Jake now, he's depression has caused major mood swings and anger issues. Will her love stay strong enough to deal with him? Will Jake confront his feelings about his parents death , will he develop feelings for Alex?


5. Anger

"hey Jake.."

he swiftly walks to my table.


"well I have to talk to you." I say feeling nervous.


"you and Sam are brothers, and you guys obviously haven't been acting like it lately, and I think I know why,  I cant deal with you and Sam fighting over me, its tearing you guys apart! I guess you've figured out that I like you a lot, like more than friends, but Sam's got me confused. im just asking you to leave him alone,  I realize this may sound shelfish but its the truth and you know it. " I avoided his eyes the whole time. looking up at him he looks taken back. I look at Sam and he just looking around casually eating fries.

"well.." Jake doesn't say anything

"okay.  im sorry I made you feel this way." he says harshly.

he looks mad all of a sudden. not good. he suddenly storms away shoving people as he goes. moister borders my eyes, tears threatening to escape.

"what happened!?" Sam walks over.

" nothing."

"are you okay?" that triggers my tears.

"no" I fling my arms around his shoulders and burry my face into his neck.

"hey its okay, its okay" Sam says reassuringly. rubbing circles in by back

" no its not. I ruined everything. I ruined today and the whole summer." I sob

"no you didn't!" he said pulling back to look into my eyes.

" I just hate watching you guys fight!" I say 

"that's between me and him, don't worry about that"

he kisses my cheek.

"come on lets go have fun!" he says.

I giggle "okay!"

we walk towards the rides again finishing off the fries. I watch for Jake to come back. where did he go?

"Ferris Wheel?" I ask

"okay" he said uncertain.

we get in line. once it our turn we hand the man our tickets and get in a red cart. it peaceful, but Sam looks nervous especially when we get to the top.

"are you scared of heights?!" I ask him smiling

"noo" he lies

I grab his hand.

"its okay" I grin

he smiles back squeezing my hand. we point out things to each other laughing, just enjoying ourselves. we get to the top again and he look nervous.

"hey" I turn his chin so he would look into my eyes instead out of there. "its okay" I smile.

he stares at my lips. I lean in and he meets me. it was a short kiss. when we pull back I smile.

back on ground we go and get cotton candy.

"this is fun" I giggle

"yeah it is" he kisses my cheek making heat rise to my cheeks.

he feed me some of the pink candy, I laugh and feed him some.

"shoot! we forgot to check in!" I exclaim

I grab his hand and run towards the spot we go to check in. we get there still hand in hand and aunt Susie raises an eyebrow making me blush and pull away.

"little late are we" Aunt Susie says.

'yeah sorryyy we forgot" I smile

"we're leaving in a couple hours so finish what you want to do" my mom says.


we decide just to walk around and talk. we are looking at a jewelry booth when we hear yelling. two guys where shoving each other and yelling. its Jake.

"Jake!" I gasp

the man throws a punch catching Jake right on his jaw the force throwing him to the side, he quickly recovers punching the man in the stomach making him double over, Jake takes the opportunity to kick him in the face, but the man lashes out at Jakes other leg knocking him off balance, he on the floor, but before the man has a chance to punch him again im they to interrupt it.

"stop!" I yell

the man fist stops a couple inches in front of my face. Jake gets up.

"Alex get out of here!" he grabs my shoulder to pull me back.

"no! " I shake him off

"Leave before I call the cops on you!" I yell at the man. he quickly leaves shoving people out of his way.

"what the hell was that about!!" I yell at him.

"nothing, none of your business!" he yells.

He storms away, leaving me there dumbfounded.

"Alex, lets just go" Sam says grabbing my arm to pull me back, but I shake him off.

I start to run, I chase after Jake. im sick of this. I quickly catch up, he's only walking.


"no. go! leave!" he turns and yell.

I coward back, scared what  he might do.

"Jake, let me talk to you!" I whisper frightened.

"no. I don't need to talk" he says mockingly, he grabs my arm harshly.

"ow Jake"

"stop worrying about me, stop looking after me, I can handle myself!" with each word he squeezes harder.

"Jake! your hurting me!"

he ignores my cry and continues to yell.

"get out of my life! just leave me the hell alone!" he yells

tears are streaming down my face and my arm is numb by now.

"Hey! Get the hell off of her!" Sam yell suddenly.

he pushes Jake off of me.

"don't touch me!" Jake screams, shoving Sam back

"stop hurting her!" Sam replies pushing Jake back harder.

"why should you care?" Jake says.

I jump in the middle of them.

"stop! just stop!" I scream tears running down my face.

by now there's a crowd around us, I ignore them. Sam and Jake are glaring at each other.

"just stop guys!" my voice breaking.

"what going on here!?" a man says in a security uniform.

" nothing, we're fine." I whisper.

"alright" he says walking away, but sticking close. he starts talking to a new by witness glancing at us every once and a while.

I walk away, head down.


I start to run. Sam calls after me but I ignore him.

"your such a dumbass!" Jake yells.

"hey!" the security man yells.

there yells slowly fades as I run faster. adrenaline pumping through my veins, air pulling my hair and tears back. 






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