Summer Love Does Exist.

Alex had gone to her family's summer cabin every summer for as long as she can remember, but this year , its different. Her best friend Jake , who shes always secretly liked, is in deep depression. Its not the same anymore for jake, with his moms death and his dads suicide, he thinks there nothing left, but he's wrong. Alex is afraid of Jake now, he's depression has caused major mood swings and anger issues. Will her love stay strong enough to deal with him? Will Jake confront his feelings about his parents death , will he develop feelings for Alex?


1. The Beginning

"Wooohhooo!" I scream
Wind blowing on my face , pulling my hair back with it.
"This is awesome! " i yell over to my mom
"What?" She yells back.
"Hahah never mind!"
This is just great! I never thought this would be so fun! Im standing in red mustang convertible, my hair whipping my face, arms up , just enjoying it. Just to top it off , we are on our way to the cabin! Im seeing Jake! I haven't seen him since last year. Its been forever! I still have a clear image of him, laughing at my jokes or just that silly grin when we are swimming. I feel heat rush to my cheeks, this is going to be the best summer ever!
"Hey ! We're almost there!" Mom yells to me.
I sit down practically jumping in my seat. The familiar tree whip past us, each one pumping my heart faster in excitement. Almost there!
"I can see the driveway!" I yell to her. Later realizing we slowed down, and i didnt need to scream at her.
"Someones excited" she winks at me.
"Yeahh.. I guesss" i say blushing again.
"Someones excited to see somebodyy" she winks again, making me blush even more.
What can i say? Its the truth!
We pull in, im still amazed by the beautiful cabin, its huge! It could be a year round house! The wooden logs glisten in the sun light, the widows give sneak peeks of the beauty inside, my favorite window has always been the smaller hexagon shaped window looking in on the stunning chandelier that hangs over the entry way and stairs leading up stairs.
I jump out of the car not bothering to open the door. I run to the door excited to see everyone, not only jake , but my Aunt Susie and Uncle Tom , my grandparents , jakes brother Sam, my cousins , Elizabeth , Sarah and 2 year old Johnny.
I the first person i see slamming the door open was Aunt susie, i feel disappointment try to make its way into my thoughts but i push it back .
"Wow darling! Look at you! " she exclaimed
"Thank you! You too!" I hug her.
"Wheres J-- everyone else? " i ask blushing at myself
"Just out back " she says.
"Great!" i follow her out.
We walk out back, everyones lounging by the pool, i scan the small crowd for jake. Disappointment fills me. Where is he?
"Looking for me Ally Cat?"
I spin around. JAKE! I run into his arms he smiles, Damn its those kinda of smiles that makes you feel like its a reward.
I step back to take a good look. Hes changed so much! He looks so much mature, his light blonde hair got darker, he's let his stubble stay, hes obviously worked out alot more to, in a cut tank and shorts, its obvious. He makes me blush just looking at him.
"Get a room!"
I turn to see Sam, his brother. i run into his arms too, but it doesnt feel the same as Jakes, his are more special.
"Come on! Lets go swimmin!" Sam calls out , already half way there.
"Wait! I have to change first! " i yell back.
I run out to the car to get my bags and back to the cabin as fast as i could. I run to the nearest bathroom to throw on my poka dotted bikini. I grab my Towel , running outside again.
"The parties here " i say fancfully and i bow to make it more dramatic..
I run and jump in the deep end doing a cannon ball, splashing everyone.
"Hey!" My grandma yells laughing.
"Sorry Grandma! " i yell gasping for air.
I swim over to Jake and Sam.
"Hey where's Jennie? " thats their mom.
They suddenly look sad, color drained from there face instantly.
Jake gets out of the pool. Walking inside, i just stare at him dumbfounded . What just happened?
"You didnt hear. Did you?" Sam asks quietly .
"Alex.. Jennies dead.."
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