Finding true love

it is about a girl named Julissa being treated mean by her step father because of the lost of her mom but what happens when Harry Styles from One Direction meets Julissa will it change her life?


2. meeting the one and only Harry Styles

Harry POV
it was vacation for me and the lads. we were spending our vacation together in my house. my mom went with my dad on vacation so it was just me and the lads. then i saw someone outside in the rain "Ill be back" i said "Where you going?" Niall ask. I left without answering running to that person. it was a girl with long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes. I could tell she was scared "Are you alright?" i ask concern. "Yes" she said.

Julissa POV

I saw this person coming to me that i got scared. "Are you alright?" he ask concern. "Yes" i said. then i took a deeper look and realize that person standing right in front of me was Harry Styles. I remember me saying to my Best Friend Mariela that i was never gonna meet him and here i am staring at him. "Are you sure?" he ask taking me off my thought. "Yea, i'm a huge fan HARRY!" "oh, well thats nice to here" he said smiling "Why are you walking in the rain?" he ask concern again. Then tears started forming in my eyes. he came to hug me. "Shh, you come inside and ill give you something to drink" he said grabbing my hand pulling me up. his hand felt nice and warm. "Thanks" i said. "No problem, whats your name?" he ask. "Julissa" i said. "what an amazing name" he said. I gigled "Thanks again" i said

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