Finding true love

it is about a girl named Julissa being treated mean by her step father because of the lost of her mom but what happens when Harry Styles from One Direction meets Julissa will it change her life?


3. meeting the 4 lads

Harry POV

I opened th door "Hey guys this this is Julissa, shes gonna be staying with us for a while" I said. "hey Julissa nice to meet you" Louis said. "Nice to meet you to" she said with a smile. I was staring at her she looked so beautiful. NO!STOP HARRY YOU CAN'T LIKE HER NO JUST NO! "So Julissa what brings you here?" ask Niall "um" she said and looked at me "Liam take Julissa to my room and come back and ill explain to you guys" i said "ok" said Liam. when he came back I told them everything "Asshole" said Zayn "I lost my apetite" said Niall "How can someone treet a person like tha especially Julissa, makes me so angry I want to hunt this guy down and kill him" said Louis angrily. "well lets just stay strong for Julissa" I said "Yea" said Liam agreeing with me.

Louis POV

When Harry told me this I wanted to kill him but I know I have to be strong for Julissa she's like a sister to me and I can see in Harry's eyes he has a crush on her thats why were Best Friends I can tell his feelings and he can tell mine. "you want me to go get her?" I ask Harry "yea" he said. I went to Harry's room and found her reading a book, I smiled and said "You can come back down stairs she looked at me and smiled "thanks" she said.

Julissa POV

I walked behind Louis into the livingroom "Nica to have you back" said Liam i gigled "Nica to be back" I said smiling. "Julissa do you want anything to eat? ask Harry "No thank you im not hungry" "but I am so please Harry make me something" said Niall "Niall your always hungry" said Zayn. we all laugh "I cant help eat food is AWESOME" hahaha I always love laughing when your hungry" I said they all laughed "What, incase you dont know i was a directioner" I said laughing "Was, so your not anymore?" Louis said pretending to be offended I just laugh "so were am I going to sleep?" I ask "in my room" Harry said with a smile. I smiled "ok" I said. I think im falling for Harry. I went to his room and put blankets in the floor when i was about to lay their Harry came in "what are you doing he ask?" "about to go to sleep" I said "Not in the floor, im sleeping in the floor your sleeping in the bed" he said " dont be silly Harry im not letting you sleep in the floor your sleeping in your own bed" I said "Nope your sleeping in bed me floor and of descoshin" he said. And before I could protest he layed in the floor "fine" I said "Goodnight" He said "Goodnight" I said and fell asleep


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