Finding true love

it is about a girl named Julissa being treated mean by her step father because of the lost of her mom but what happens when Harry Styles from One Direction meets Julissa will it change her life?


6. meeting mariela

Julissa POV:

I opened the door and there standing  was Mariela "Heeeeyyy" she said "Heeeeyyy" I said "so who do you want me to..." she didn't finish because that's when Niall came out "your Niall Horan" she said shock "surprise" I said "Hey you must be Mariela" he said

Mariela POV: 

Hey you must be Mariela" said Niall "yea, I'm a huge fan" I said "cool" he said smiling. His smiles make me smile. "Hey!" screamed Louis running to hug me. "Hey Louis nice to meet you" then Harry and Zayn came out and hugged me lets just say it was a dream come true. "oh Julissa your uncle came at my door and bang on it so I can't go back there cuss he will kill me, literally" I said scared. she was about to speak when Niall spoke "Well love your staying here" he said "ok ill just get my stuff" I said leaving "wait ill go with because uhh you never know when he can show up" he said "ok" I said smiling

Niall POV:

OMG! whats wrong with me do I like Mariela? that's impossible we just met but she makes me nervous when I talk to her. 

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