Finding true love

it is about a girl named Julissa being treated mean by her step father because of the lost of her mom but what happens when Harry Styles from One Direction meets Julissa will it change her life?


4. mariela

Mariela POV

BANG, BANG, BANG!! omg who could that be I tought. "I'm comming" i said. I opened the door and saw Julissa's step dad. "Mr.Perez, what brings you down here" I ask "I know she's here!" Mr.Perez says. "Who's here?" I ask scared "Julissa!" he yells "I know she's your Best Friend and would come here" "Well she's not here" I say worried "Well if she comes you make sure to tell me" he says. Like I'm ever gonna tell you I tought "ok" I lie. Then he slams the door in my face. I went to get my phone and dialled Julissa's number.

Julissa POV

Ring, ring, ring my phone woke me up. I look who was calling and could'nt believe it. It was my Best Friend Mariela. I went to the bathroom for privacy and answered it

"Hello?" I ask

"HELLO, WERE ARE YOU?!?!?!" she yells nearly popping my ears

"I ran away from home, I'm staying somewhere Ill text you the address but you gotta come alone. ok? I ask

"ok" she says and hangs up

I text her the address and she says she will come at 4:00 and its 12:00 so i went to wake up the others to tell them. I went to Harry's room first second to zayn's third to Louis's fourth to Niall's and Liam was already awake so I told them and they began to get ready. Then i heard a knock on the door.

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