Finding true love

it is about a girl named Julissa being treated mean by her step father because of the lost of her mom but what happens when Harry Styles from One Direction meets Julissa will it change her life?


1. Running away from a terrible place

Julissa POV

'"Julissa get up!" my step father yelled at me so i got up and headed to the kitchen where my stepfather was "what do you want?!" I ask screaming at him he then smacked me "don't use that tone with me you ungrateful little brat!" he yelled he's been like this ever since my mom died in a car crash I stormed out running i needed to get away from him as soon as possible i heard him yell "Come back here" I know i had no place to go but if i stayed there other bad things might happen and i wasn't gonna take that chance it started raining and i was getting wet but i didn't care care because i was never going back there again.

sorry it was short its my first time righting a fanfiction i hope you guys liked it XD

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