Just the way we are!


2. What did i just do

Aprils P.O.V

.... Hey Destiny would you like to hangout sometime Harry said to of course Destiny 

Destiny was in shocked and i think she liked him and then out of nowhere....

Destinys P.O.V 

I kissed him as soon as he asked me that question i dont know what happened but he didnt pull away he kissed me back wait what was i doing.. i pulled away as soon as i thought of that , oh im s-so sorry i just um i got to go -I said and then April started running after me 

After School - Aprils P.O.V 

Dear Diary 

Something really weird happened today we asked those guys there names there names are - Harry ,Niall ,Cody, Justin, Austin, Liam, Louis and Zayn they are so cute i think i like Justin, Austin and Niall but i have to pick any way so Destiny kissed Harry after he ASKED HER OUT wait do they both like each other mayby i dont ill write later -April 

Harrys P.O.V 

i think im into Destiny i told my mates and they all said WAIT WHAT YOU CANT!!! i asked why and then Liam told me because im goin on the take me home tour really soon but i cant hold it in i have to tell Destiny who i am wait what am i thinking i cant do that, she needs to find out herself no thats a bad idea to maybe i should just ask her out and wait for the right time yeah thats a good idea smart thinking Harry - i said out loud without knowing it oops the mates Laughed for like five mins then i left 

Destinys P.O.V - at school the next day- 

me and April were just going to our lockers and then Harry came up to us with a mic and then Niall came up behind with a Gutiar and i was looking at April like omg please tell me im dreaming look and she nodded her head saying no its real HELP me dear lord i thought to myself then Harry started to sing then i found out where i know him and the 4 others from he is on ONE DIRECTION omg i kissed HARY FREAKING EDWARD FREAKING STYLES i was smileing like an idot well he was singinng and then at the end everyone was round us and then he went down on one knee and pulled out a neckleace and siad/sang hey i just met you and this is crazy but here is a neckleace will you go out with me maybe and i giggled and said yes then he put the neckleace on me and then i saw it more and it was his paper airplane one and then i kissed him on the cheek and hugged him and then i whispered thank you and he slipped somthing into my pocket it was..............

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