Just the way we are!


4. i hope he aint falling for me

........ i know what im goin to do im gonna just forget about her and tell Destiny i love her and i wont hurt her ya but what if i dont love her? and i lose her because i picked April but i cant i gave up part of my life for Destiny. about half an hour later Destiny came in my house and grabbed me by the hand and took me outside and April just gave me a weird look and then Destiny said ' I love you there i said it i cant stop thinking about you i go to sleep with a smile on my face and wake up with it on when im with you or not because you are you i knew you werent some star i knew you werent rude or to nice your just perfect i just want to be with you forever i would be heart broken if you left me can i tell you something i have never told anyone not even April?'  i started to get tears in my eyes because now i know what falling in love feels like ' What im all ears'   ' well in 2009 so 4 years ago i was 14 i had a boyfriend and he was so nice for the first 2 days and then he started hanging out with other girls and then he was so mean and i was done with  it so i told him we were done but he said we are not over till i say we are so i went with it and i just didnt know what to do so i  started to cut then i  thought of killing myself b-' then i cut her off and said ' dont ever think of that again because im glad you didnt i got to meet a great girl like you and i have a whole list of stuff about you if you want i could li- ' she then cut me off and kissed me on the lips for what felt like forever but then it started to rain and we went in side and changed our clothes good thing she kept clothes here. After we got changed she told me to tell her all the reasons i like her ' ok well i like you because ....... you are your own person you dont hold back on talking because you do talk a lot,you dont let anyone get you down, you fight back when you need to and you help others without being asked okay thats some reasons and not you will have to wait because we need to go eat" i said well getting tears in my eyes i wanted to tell April i liked her a little but she would tell Destiny right a way.

April's P.O.V

I think Harry is hiding something from me but im to scared to ask. Just when i thouht that Harry came in to my room. " you know you could have knocked right?" i said in a tone i shoudnt have used oh well "yeah what ever i have something to tell you and Destiny when she gets here" he said with his eyes getting watery " Harry what happened " i said almost crying im so scared "nothing ill tell you when Dest gets here" he loved calling her that. "Harry for real what happened Destiny here or not" *knock knock knock* it was Destiny she came running in after i said come in walking down the stairs. "Harry whats wrong why did i have to come here so fast" Destiny said with a scared tone "April, Destiny you might want to sit down for this." Harry said Almost crying nt just teary anymore. " okay well something happened to Niall and Justin " Harry said now crying " WHAT HAPPENED HARRY " i screamed and now was crying when Austin walked in and said Niall and Justin want to see April as soon as she can get there." What where are they ???" i asked crying " In the hospital" Austin said walking to his car and i got in with him and we went to their rooms. "What happened" i asked seeing them all beaten up Niall started talking " Well me and Justin were talking and then..........

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