Just the way we are!


3. I have to tell someone

Destinys P.O.V -after school -

So April showed up at my house and told her what was in my pocket 

'So do you wanna know what he slipped into my pocket ' i said  ' What? ' April said 

it was a letter and it said ............ Dear Destiny 

I like you a lot, i love the way your brown eyes sparkle in the light and how your hair does what it wants and you dont care, if Apil is with you please tell her that Justin,Niall and Austin they all like her tell her she has to pick one by tomorrow short time what they wanna know well i will see you tomorrow and tell you our plans' - Love forever Harry 

Aprils P.O.V 

Awww what wait by tomorrow im so busy tomorrow i cant pick tomorrow and hey Destiny can i stay the night i dont wanna go home your my only friend that i trust i dont even talk to those boys' i said then Destinys mom came in and told me its time for me to go and Destiny said ' Wait she cant go she wont go back there ever can she please stay here till we get a hold of her father' NOOOO i screamed then ran out the door and to Harrys i trusted him a lil i hope i dont fall for him..........

Harrys P.O.V 

its been an hour since i last talked to Destiny because she said she was goin to bed 'KNOCK KNOCK ' ill get that i yelled and i opened to the door and it was April she jumped into my arms and hugged me i  guess she was scared idk' so are you okay' i asked her and she asked if she could stay here and i said okay so i made her a bed on the couch and she stayed here 

April - the next day-

So i woke up to Harry sitting there looking at me and i smiled then i issed him on the cheek and he just sat there then there was a knock on the door it was MY DAD oh no im in huge crap he is gonna beat me ' I have to go now Harry ' i said with a scared look on my face then i walked out with my dad when i got home i was tight he said go get me my belt and i did has told and i stood up as soon as i gave it to him and then i didnt move tell he told me my back was black and blue it really hurt!!!

Harrys P.O.V

When April left she has a really scared look on her face so i phoned Destiny and we went over and climbed up to Aprils window and went in there and she was on her bed with her shirt off bra on and her back was black and blue we took her to the hospital and her dad got put in jail for child abuse that happened in two days now April is staying with me and i think im falling for her but i cant i have a girlfriend that i love what am i going to do ..........


( he guys if you have read this and want me to add you or what you want Harry to do comment them and i will reply back -BeliectionerForever )


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