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1. Are they Famous

Dear Diary 

So today at school there was these new kids and i think there was like 8 wait there was eight ( 8 ) of them, why 8?? Not like 2 like we have over 1000 kids already!! Well im gonna write down everything tomorrow im gonna find out where i have seen them all before DINNER time - April 

Aprils P.O.V

I was having a sleepover with my best friend Destiny she is really funny and weird like me i hope she knows where the 8 boys are from because i think we both know them from somewhere im gonna ask, Hey Destiny, so you know those new guys right?  - i said to Destiny at dinner Yeah i do why? - Destiny said, because i think i know them from somewhere like T.V or something do you know where they are from?? I said, No i dont but i think your right we will have to ask them tomorrow Destiny said 

-Tomorrow at school - Aprils P.O.V

So me and Destiny are in class still waiting for the bell to ring and when it did we were goin to go see those 8 guys and ask there names and ask them if they are famous....

Destinys P.O.V - at lunch -

The bell finally rang and we went to go have lunch and find those boys oh wait i think i see them Hey April i see them -I said oh i do to lets go -April said we got them 

Aprils P.O.V ( hint i said the boys )

Hey guys wait up - i said to the boys Hi - they all said  Whats your guys names -Destiny asked 

the one with the curly hair said Harry my name is Harry , then the one with Blonde hair and beautiful eyes omg i think im already falling for one of them well anyway he said - Hi my name is Niall and then the four with Brown hair said their names - Hi im Justin , Hi im Liam , Hi im Louis and Hi im Austin, then the one with the dirty blonde hair said Hi im Cody and then the one with like black hair said Hi im Zayn, Vas Happenin and then me and Destiny laughed and then Harry went close to Destiny and asked her. Hey Destiny.............

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