Hated V.S Acceptance

Hello my lovelies,
ok, this story is about 5 girls that are over the heels with five boys but those boys are world wide super stars how can they love 13 - 14 year old when it isnt even legal but hey just have to live with it .


2. awkward .. with hanna



     Nialls POV


   I just want to see her all the girls here are cake faced and like are sluts and well there not.. She was in the back so i would at least take her 2 hours to get to the front “hello niall"

A cake faced girl is talking to me. Fake smile ON... “Hello how is your day" hopefully she goes away” o well it was awsome i was trying on makeup and well i looked sexy blah blah blabh ...”

she just kept on taking " miss you have to move on " THANK GOD FOR PAUL " well ok bye niall call me " she handed me a piece of paper with her number i caught jakelyn looking at me i crumbled it she smiled way


         Fiahnas POV

 " ahh why can’t this line move on WHY!! ;(" the girls just laughed " i need to see zayn I mean all of them are like sex gods" they even laughed even more " don’t picture my man like that " jakelyn said and still laughed "no seriously" she said like dead serious

“Hey we are almost there “i said” yeah like two more people to go “THANK GOD! I then we were there up front " hello again zayn or sex god”

I mumbled the last part “what did you say at the end” he said while blushing “nothing just that i love your eyes " i said trying to convince him “oh ok” he said while winking OMG he just winked

at me i almost fainted "hey fiahna wanna go out for dinner after the show  " zayn said " yes " i said while blushing . " hey girls im out after the show  " ok " they didn’t even care but ok . " hey Hanna so how was it like kissing Louis"

  Jakelyn asked “WAIT DOESNT LOUIS HAVE A GIRL FRIEND" jakelyn yelled luckily the boys were already setting up for the concert

" um Omg yeah isn’t hear name like Eleanor or something like that idk" Hanna seemed pretty upset You see Hanna is a really good person she would never try to hurt someone as much as she might hate them unless something is happening with us too know." well let me break the silence but Louis likes you more than that stick i

   mean look at the way he looks at you" i yelped " yeah i guess " Hanna still seemed as if she killed someone ... i can’t wait until my date with zayn ahh wait it isn’t a sate you delusional  bicth everyone looked at me wait did i say that out loud yep awkward 

    Hanna’s POV 

“Hi boo bear" i said not even noticing what i just said “hey Hanna bear" he said seductively ahh don’t FANGIRL

“Lou i dint need to be rude but don’t you have a girlfriend “i asked”yeah i kind of forget sometimes” Lou said “oh ok “i said ok so if i become his girlfriend will he just forget like hell no

“Girls the concert is almost gunna start” Paul said “oh ok fine” we walked into the arena luckily mine and jakelyns parents own a big huge company that pumps oil so we aren’t poor we bought all the tickets to this concert all FRONT row yeah

" thanks you know i don’t know how to repay you" fiahna stated " its ok just be yourself" i said we got to our seats we all saw how big the arena is wow the boys song started for 

What makes you beautiful we danced along the boys came on stage Niall whispered something in Louis ear and pointed at us he winked at me i winked back aww.. 


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