Hated V.S Acceptance

Hello my lovelies,
ok, this story is about 5 girls that are over the heels with five boys but those boys are world wide super stars how can they love 13 - 14 year old when it isnt even legal but hey just have to live with it .


1. the concert day ;)


                                              "Nobodys POV"

" What are we gunna wear ahh.. " jakelyn yelled at the pile of clothes in front of me i know you maybe think ahh just another girl being a girl but no this is no time to fool around what happens when me Jakelyn Gomez and her best friends fiahna Lloyd, allie greason, elaha lennis , Hanna Floyd enter a contest and win 5 ONE DIRECTION TICETS!! And of course back stage passes 


                                                    " jakelyns POV"

"Ok girls we cannot fan girl in front of them or else they are not going to like us " i exclaimed as we were walked to the meet and greet we were all in our i phones we had gotten each other for an oddly reason i seem to forgot but ehh... i bumped into some one and my i phone fell " stupid IPhone i never loved you anyways  " i mumbled i heard a slight laugh it was a strong thick Irish accent wait no please no i must look horrible IT WAS NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTON !! OMG " o hello im jakelyn u " niall looked confused as if i didn’t know him i mean i was wearing a " KEEP CALM AND LOVE NIALL HORAN " T- shirt " just kidding i know who you are " I said to niall  " sorry i bumped into you" i just forgot i had my best friend with me omg awkward but I’ll just act like there are not there i mean they know not to come between this or else i will rip their eyes out .. I’m not kidding ^.^ " so why are you here, are you lost ?" niall asked " um yes the security guard talked us to take this route why ? " i asked niall " um because i was lost to " niall said shyly " no problem we are all in this together " singing like high school  musical i heard a giggle i turn around and see the girls wiggling there eyebrows at me ' so when can i buy you a new phone" niall asked " no its ok " i answered " oh " niall said with a smirk in his face  i just shook it off " ok girls were here " niall said OMG all of ONE DIRECTION here we all got to talk to the boy we all loved .niall was talking to me about food of course but i just lost it into his eyes they are blue as the oceans near Hawaii " Earth to jakelyn" niall said Omg i was such a stalker " sorry i just got lost " oh" niall said " can you  wait here " i asked him " yeah don’t take too long babe " omg did he just call me babe OMG DONT FAN GIRL i looked around to find Hanna OMG Hanna and Louis are having a snogg fest Omg said caught me looking at them Hanna gave me the look to go away i just wiggled my eye brows at her haha.. now to see fianha her and zayn seemed to kik it also but he was terrible at flirting with girls now to elaha harry was almost going to kiss her but no i had to sneak my nose into everything he just kissed her on the check OMG now allie she was cuddling next to Liam while seeing toy story ahh now to my boy wait not my boy he is going out with that one stick i forgot her name no lets go " niall im back " i said seductively in his ear he shivered " finally" he said " boys only two more minutes with the girls then the meet in greet then concert" Paul kind of yelled " noo Longer " all the boys yelled " ok girls lets go to the back of the line " fine " all the girls seemed sad i mean i was sad also ii mean i am not going to see niall in like 2 hours we are the last people in line o how fun . ;(


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