One Direction Fanfics

Hi guys, if you want a fanfic just tell me which boy,and your name


3. Special night!!(Rachel and Niall )

I just woke up to see a sleeping Niall looking cute as always sleeping next to me. Good morning I whispered and kissed him on the nose. As I got up and out of bed his eyes fluttered open and he said in his cute morning voice, hello princess, did you sleep well? I said yes and how about you? And he said good since you we're there with me. Well Niall I have to get up and go to work. Rachel do you have to? Niall asked. Yes I said then he made a sad face and said only if you give me a goodbye kiss. I guess I said. Yay!! Niall replied and kissed me good bye as I walked out the door.

Nialls POV: okay now that she's gone I can start preparing for our special night I will have waiting for us. Rachel is going to love this. First ill call the boys and they can help me with it. DINGDONG... My doorbell just rang probable the boys have come over to help. I opened it and the boys came in. Hey guys are you ready to help me?! I asked. They all said yes of course. Lets get started. Harry you're on kitchen duty for our dinner. Louis and Zayn you are incharge of decorations. Liam and me will clean.

30 min. Later...
Ding dong oh that must be her suprise. I opened the box and sure enough it was.

1:00 later

Niall I'm home. Niall oh what is this? I say and pick up a note. It says :

Rachel please follow my trail of rosé petals. I followed the trail and found another note which read:
Open the box on it. I opened it and in there sat the purple silky dress I have always wanted. I went to the bathroom to change and when I came out there was
Another note that said go to the kitchen. I walked in and there was a sign that said look up. So I did as it said and there stood a handsome looking Niall in a black tux with a boquet of mixed flowers and he came down and took my hands in his and kneeled down and said: Rachel, you are the most beautiful, exquisite, and wonderful women I have ever met and I wish to spend the rest of my entire life with you. Will you Marry Me. Y-yesssss!!!!!! Niall of course I will marry you. Rachel you have made me the most happy man in the world. He slipped the ring on my finger and we ended the night in a kiss
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