One Direction Fanfics

Hi guys, if you want a fanfic just tell me which boy,and your name


11. Nikki and Harry

Harry's POV: today I was going to admitt to Nikki that I have a crush
on her. Mabey ill take her to dinner. I am going to tell her right now! Ding dong.......
oh she is here now. Time to tell her. I whispered to myself sheepishly.

Nikki POV ::::: okay I just got home from work and I ring the doorbell. I hear Harry running downstairs. We have been best friends for a while now. Oh hey Nikki, Harry exclaimed. Hey Harry. I said. Nikki come to the kitchen, I need to tell u an important thing. He bends over and says will you go out with me?!? Of course I will Harry. And you end the night with a kiss.
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