One Direction Fanfics

Hi guys, if you want a fanfic just tell me which boy,and your name


4. Niall and Emily

I am so angry with my parents right now. They told me that they were going away and leaving me home alone. They know I hate being home alone. Gosh I decided I'm running away. I packed my things and climbed out of my window and started down the road to the bus stop. I looked at the schedule and the bus wouldn't come until 12:00 and it was only 9:00.
I sit down and some guy in a hoodie comes and stands in front of me I say why are you in front of me?!? He just doesn't say a word and he grabs me and says if you don't obey me ill hurt you and he tries to grab my bags and then a cute blonde haired guy runs up after I've had
All my things taken and says.are you okay love what happened o my god, your hurt let me drive you to the hospital, no I say thinking the doctor will just call my parents and they will come and get me the n the guy asks if I want to go home with him. I say sure and he drives me to his flat.
What is your name he asks nicely Emily I reply. Cute name he says. And who are u I ask, Niall he replies okay Niall . Over the night we gat to know each other better and we then decide the sleeping arrangement and then he crawls in bed with me and kisses my cheek. The perfect ending to a bad day:
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