One Direction Fanfics

Hi guys, if you want a fanfic just tell me which boy,and your name


10. Kylie and Niall

Today me, Kylie, and the rest of the boys are going to the beach!
I am sooooo exited! I am packing right now. I took my suitcase out of our walk- in closet and started. I put my favourite bathing suit in, it was blue and white tie dye. I am also packing my white see through cover up. Then comes 3 dresses, 6 shirts, 2 tanktops, and 6 pairs of jean shorts.:):):):):) I also put in some makeup when Niall knocks on the door. Hey princess he says when I opened it. Are you ready? Yep, I say and we get into the car and drive away. I am sitting between Niall and Harry and then Zayn sits next to Harry and Louis drives and Liam is sitting in the passenger seat.

3:00 later
Hey guys were here!! Niall leans over and kisses me and says I love you Kylie.
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