One Direction Fanfics

Hi guys, if you want a fanfic just tell me which boy,and your name


7. Harry and Elizabeth

Elizabeth I'm home.. Shouted Harry . Hey I say as I walk-down the staircase to where Harry is standing and I hug him. Tonight we are sleeping over at Louis place. Sounds like fun ill get packing.harry drives u there and u walk in and it is time for truth or dare. Louis truth or dare I ask.? DARE!!! Louis said. I dare u to runn up and down the hallway with no shirt screaming chicken . Do I have to yes you do it. Fine he says and takes the shirt off and screams "CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!):):)" down the halls. Then comes in like Elizabeth T or D?!? Dare I say unsure okay.i dare you to kiss Harry for two minutes. Okay I say and the rest of the night goes perfect.9
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