One Direction Fanfics

Hi guys, if you want a fanfic just tell me which boy,and your name


13. Emily and Zayn

I just got to class. I am15:00 min early. Oh crap, here come the jocks in my high school.
They are total jerks. Hey Malik they say. What do you want Colin? I ask. Well first I want your lunch money, and I've heard you have a crush on my girlfriend Emily. Oh you just got told.. The rest of his gang said. Then ms. Bear comes in and says sit down Colin!
Okay class, today we will assign partners for our project. Okay, Colin with Sheldon, poor Sheldon I thought. Tom with Kate, Steven with Owen, Chloe with Nash, and Zayn with Emily. Go sit with your parteners class she said. Right now I am sweating because my crush just walked over and said hi Zayn. We can go to my flat, I said. Sounds great. Okay I say. Lets go then. Ill drive you there.

3 hours later.............

Okay Zayn what will we work on first? Hey instead let's go see a movie.
The night ends and Zayn kisses u and you spend the night together.
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