A impossible love story

Alexandra is an "emo" girl who's life flips over when the kind loving floppy haired new kid Liam Payne came into her life, they find they have alot in commen, though they don't know it , they will be in a forever lasting love.


2. Lunch time

Alexandra p.o.v

At lunch I eat at the media center (library), so round lunch time I was walking when I saw that Liam kid walking towards me. "Hi Alexandra"he said. "Hey Liam" I said un enthusiastically. "You going to the media center?'' He asked -why me?- I thought "yess" "can I come?"he asked "I dunno.." "Pleasee" he was starting to get annoying. "Look Liam you seem like a nice boy, but that's just it"i said trying not to be as rude as it sounded "I'm not a nice girl" I said and I walked away.
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