A impossible love story

Alexandra is an "emo" girl who's life flips over when the kind loving floppy haired new kid Liam Payne came into her life, they find they have alot in commen, though they don't know it , they will be in a forever lasting love.


1. The first day

Alexandra p.o.v

I put on my black eyeliner & mascara & got ready for school "Honey pie! Your gonna be late for school!" My mother called from downstairs. She was the complete opposite of me. "I'll be down in a minute mom!" I yelled.
*ten minutes later*
I was at the bus stop listing to "sick puppies" on my phone. I walked on the bus & there was a new kid in my seat, he had a wavy mop of hair, and a cheeky look on his face -SHIT- I thought as I sat next to him. "HI IM LIAM" he held his hand out. "Alexandra" I said looking away.

Liam p.o.v
It was my first day going to a new school called Landen high. I got up early & made breke (breakfast) for everyone & got ready for school. When I got on the bus I handed the bus driver my slip & she said "oh Hun your new, go sit In seat 15 for me" I sat down and smiled to myself. Then two stops later, a gorgeous girl wearing alot of black sat next to me. "Hi I'm Liam!" I held my hand out for her to shake "Alexandra" she said and looked away. I frowned.
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