My dad is Niall Horan.

Hi, my name is Aarica Horan and I'm 18. You probably realized that my last name is the same last name as Niall Horan's, well he's my dad. I went on tour with him, my mother and the rest of the band mates and their girlfriends several times. It's not all fun and games 24/7 it's also alot of heartbreak and troubles along the way. But you can't have a rainbow without a little bit of rain. I'm Aarica Horan and this is my story.


2. Seeing, hearing, feeling for the first time.

Niall's P.O.V
It's been two days scince Aarica's birth. We've only took her on one outing and that was to see the rest of my band mates and their girlfriends, they all love her except for Taylor Harry's girlfriend. When we got home we got a surprise with all the baby furniture assembled and the walls fully painted. We saw a note on our cork board in the kitchen saying " Dear Victoria, Niall and baby Aarica. Very sorry but we had to get going otherwise we would miss our flight. But we didn't want to be unhelpful so we put together the furniture and finished painting the walls. I hope you like the colour lilac. We will be back down in about 2 weeks. Take care, much love from Mr and Mrs Smith xoxo." I grab the suitcases out of the car and put them in the lounge room, I see Victoria cradling Aarica and smile.

Please tell us what you guys think so far in the comments ! :) we have nothing against Taylor we just thought it would make the story a little more interesting :) hope you guys enjoy ! :)

Jordan and Ella.
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