My dad is Niall Horan.

Hi, my name is Aarica Horan and I'm 18. You probably realized that my last name is the same last name as Niall Horan's, well he's my dad. I went on tour with him, my mother and the rest of the band mates and their girlfriends several times. It's not all fun and games 24/7 it's also alot of heartbreak and troubles along the way. But you can't have a rainbow without a little bit of rain. I'm Aarica Horan and this is my story.


1. Welcome to the world Aarica.

Birth: 8th of march.
Time: 1:04 am.
Weight: 7Kg.
Length: 30cm
Name: Aarica Horan.
Parents: Niall Horan & Victoria Horan.

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