The Lucky One

someone "special" liking a girl and her hearing about it after a bunch of rumors that went around.. and in the end they both make a perfect match that continues and ends with a story that doesnt want to end...


2. "When's the First Date?"

Zayn's P.O.V

 We walked out the door and i opened the car door for her and she hopped in looking nervously... I ran to the other side of the car not taking to long to get there and when i close the door i see that in the corner of my eye she kind of flinched. I giggled but didn't say a word. She kind of laughed as well i think knowing why i laughed..

 Once we were pulling up into the drive way i can see that she was on her phone.. i think she was so caught up with it so i had to tap her shoulder and tell her we were here.. i could tell byv her expressions she litterally wanted to burst out and "FANGIRL" because she is in the car with Liam Payne and about to meet, Harry Styles... so i tapped her and she kind of got startled but laughed after. "we are here now." "ok. sorry i was on my phone rahter than talking to you.." "it's all good, no need to c'mon let's get inside." She was abit nervous so i said something funny adn she laughed and so then i started a concersation with her to make her feel more comfortable and more "Welcome."


Hary's P.O.V

As i rolled around to change my postion sleeping i found myself not to sleepy anymore so i got up and as I looked in the mirror I had seen i need to put on some sweat pants and a t-shirt becausei was just in my boxers and calling it a day... From downstairs I hear a laughter that ws unfamilier, i only recongnized Liam's but not the other voice. It wasn't a guy laugh it was a "lady." Is it Daniell?..

i walked downstairs normaly and sit down next to the lady sitting by an empty stool..she happened to be talking to Liam at the moment so i didn't want to bother interrupting. I had looked at Liam with a slight glare, sort of a sleepy look since i just got out of bed... "Hey Harry." the girl had said in a soft calm voice...

And as a turn over i realized who it was.... it was Jennifer Stones!! oh my! Breathe Harry try to stay calm!!


So I slightly breathe out, "Hi..." "it's nice to finally meet you!" i say slightly nervous but really happy!! "you too!" she had replied, flipping her hair to the back... she was even beautiful in person!

"Harry?!" i heard Liam trying to snap me back to reality.. "Yeh??" i answered. "I'm going to go.." smiling at me. "UM, ok"

So turning back to Jennifer i see that she had a big smirk on her face ... "what?" i said..

Jennifer's P.O.V


"What?" his british accent making the word come out slowly and cuter than in an american voice... "A slick person had told me that you fancy me.." He had laughed and nervously twittled his fingers, then a scratch in the back of his neck..

"oh yeh that..i-" he started but i couldn't wait any longer so i cut him off..

"AND YU THINK IM HOT . it's really funny beaucse i feel the same way  as you do...

i continued.

"teenage heartthrob for every single girl in this world including me but that's not what this is about, i've always wanted to meet you but i didn't really think you knew i exisisted , so i just stayed quiet but lookee here.! I'm sitting to the ONE DIRECTION HARRY STYLES!! i said it really fast and then went i went to look at him his face was in a mixture of shock , happiness , and a bit startled. "sorry" i said looking at my feet and i all of a suddenly feel his hand in my hand.. and i looked up to him....


he was leaning in..

for a kiss?

was i that annoying that he needed to shut me up?

we just met?!


his lips feel SO smooth with no dry part anywhere around!


After letting go he smiled and i saw that his dimples where so cute on his face his teeth so white-


"So when is the first date?" and he smiled again with his adorable dimples showing on his face!!! AHHHHH can this day get any better??? <3

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