The Lucky One

someone "special" liking a girl and her hearing about it after a bunch of rumors that went around.. and in the end they both make a perfect match that continues and ends with a story that doesnt want to end...


1. "Meeting Harry Styles"

Jennifer's P.O.V

 I was walking around the studio eating some frosted flakes. I was on a photoshoot for my next album cover.. my stylist put me in some beigh shorts, with a red striped shirt kind of showing my belly, and some combat boots. I had turned on the t.v and the One Direction interview came and i ws watching the interviewer asked,"any celebrity crushes boys?" everyone laughed but Harry.. and Lou said, "HARRY, likes Je-," and then got cut off by Harry covering his mouth. The interviewer had answered, "harry" she breathed. And Harry had began to say, "Well I kinda fancy Jennifer Stones" he said smiling nervously shy.. I almost choked on my cereal but i had covered my mouth! "WHAT!?" i yelled.

 My stylist startd to kind of laugh but kept it in with a giggle... "why would you pick her out of all the girls out there in the world Harry?"... "Well, she's not ugly. she's beautiful and sound like an angel whe she sings.. i'd honestly take her anyday." he said. I spit the milk out from my mouth and yelled, "OH. MY. GOD!"

  i couldn't wacth anymore so i turned the t.v off and went on twitter and want to tweet something not to "obvious" because Harry follows me..

    '@JenniferStones: i think i might faint guys..'

That's all i tweeted because i dont 'think' its's obvious, hopefully. So i got finally got called back right into my dressing room to change into my next outfit to finish my photo shoot. When i was done changing Anna (my stylist) told me i was going to be hit with colored paint. I agreed because it sounded fun.. "LET'S BEGIN!" I yelled and at that moment i was hit with tons of paint, multiple paint colors thrown at me one after another and it was so cold it kinda tickled , blue the pink then red... so many colors1 it was so fun i couldn't stop laughing.. so the paint fight ended and i went to go get washed off and then saw that my phone had a green light flashing so when i unlocked it i had gotten a DM from LIAM.? PAYNE? WHAT why would Liam Payne wasnt to messsge me?! So i read on and it had said, "can we meet somewhere?" i was so shocked i opened my eyes bigger thani had ever had!

'@JenniferStone: of course? :D  when and where??'

'@LiamPayne: Pete's Coffee? now? xx'

'@JenniferStone: alright! on my way!..'

so i ran into my dressing room and put a simple white t-shirt i put on my balck skinny jeans and my checkered vans. after i just threw on some eyeliner, curled my lashes and but some red lipstick on..

it was not that cold but cold so i put a beanie on and told my stylist where i was on my way to and she was sort of surprised bt was calm about it and agreed i coould leave but told me to be back tomorrow at noon to finish the photo shoot.. i told her ok and headed right out the door and drove off... it wasn't that far ahead, so when i arrived i saw that Liam was sitting at a table looking around the pkace and once i intoduced myslef he got up and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek..he told me it was nice to meet me and i said, "you too!" with him pulling away

 So we both sat down and got straight to buissness... "so, Liam what did u want to say??". he didn't quite answer my question because was studying my face for a bit then his thumb ran through my cheek becasue he had saw there was paint.. "oh im so sorry..that was from my photo shoot"... "don't worry it was no biggy" Liam had said. "So um....did u happen to see the interview we did this morning??" "uh what's up with the Styles??" i relpied. "He really happens to like you...ALOT!. and he wants to meet you." he sort of said laughing.."

 "soo.." i said confused about what was the point of why he wanted me to come here. "He wants to know if you would like to meet him." he said wondering. "Well, yeah i'm up for that.!" i had said like i was calm but in the inside i was panicing with happiness, jumping everywhere.. we had both smiled at each other and he got up. "Well cmon." "What, where are we going?" i had asked getting up confused.

"we are going to meet the Styles..."


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