The Lucky One

someone "special" liking a girl and her hearing about it after a bunch of rumors that went around.. and in the end they both make a perfect match that continues and ends with a story that doesnt want to end...



hello my lovelies !!! long time no see huh? haha im so sorry. ive been busy with school. to all the people reading this can i ask you to do me a favor??? 


can u go to wattpad and read my new fanfiction i have been starting to write. i dont have much views yet and i want you to help me out with that. for more info on the story comment or follow me on instagram @4britishh1irish_ 


it will help me lots if you read and read and spread the word. i love you all. 

the link to the story is right here 


i love you all please share it. and if u do decide to read it, i promise you it will get better and more interesting every chapter. its called ¨fallen¨ and its a harry styles fanfiction but heres the twist. he punk version with piercing (not to many) and tattoos. so hot. and the girl is named kourtney.. read on and you find more about it.. PLEASE READ.


have a great day! xx

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