the player of love.

jasmine kelly parks wants to start all over again. she's at her new school, meaning - new school, new life, new everything - thats her motto. she wants to keep it that way until she actually finds herself. she wants to keep all her negative life in 2012. its 2013, and this is the new jasmine kelly. she's ready, she's ready to start the new year. "perfect, i want it perfect" she mummers to herself. its her last year of highschool, "i'm ready.." she mummers right before she enters the school building.


2. welcome to 'tong high school'


Jasmine's POV:


            After english and a few other boring classes, i finally got to lunch.

     Most of the students were walking one way, so i figured it was the lunch room.

The lunch room was so big, crowded with different color students and so many voices.

The line started as soon as you walked in. but, it was super long i couldn't be arsed to wait. but, before i knew it i got a tray and set my beverages on top and kept going down the line, finally paying.

I looked around.. where to sit, where to sit.. i thought to myself. Then, as on que i finally found a empty table just at back.

I walked to the lunch table, getting pushed around by the high schoolers, I almost dropped my lunch tray about twenty times. But, i finally got to my table and i pulled out a seat and sat in it, staring at the clean white wall in front of me. I sighed heavily.

I turned facing the teenagers looking around. everyone acting wild as if they played an act on being 'good' during classes. A tall brunnete stepped in my way, she had grey stormy eyes as if i was looking into a snow storm, her hair was brown but her hair over her shoulders was black, she stood straight and tall, her posture was perfect. her face was simple and she had a tad of eye shadow on.

"hey." she said simply. her voice was deeply beautiful.

"it's no problem if i sit at this table, right?" she expanded her shoulders in place as if it wasn't already perfect enough.

I cleared my throat. "perfectly fine." I said looking back down at my lunch tray.

she took a seat.

"and your name is?" her voice trailed off.

"i'm jasmine, yours?"


"unique." I smiled running my hands through my black long hair.

"thank you, you new here, jasmine?" her accent was small and tiny.

"yeah, my first day. lots of chaos." I smiled.

she chuckled. "i know right! I'm actually new as well.


"mhm.. are you from bradford?"


"oh, i usually go to private schools in bradford. it's really nice here, you'll get used to it" she smiled.

"what do you mean--" the bell rang cutting me off from my sentance, quicker than i expected.

"i'll see you later jasmine." she walked off throwing her lunch tray away, waving.


About a few hours into school, the day was going super slow.

It was time for physical ed and then schools out.

I walked to my locker holding my books from last class and tugged it in, i took out my P.E. uniform and went to the ladie's locker room.

as soon as i walked in the first thing I saw was girls changing, and suprisingly some girls were in nudity. I walked to the changing booth and changed into my gym clothes. we all wore a black shirt that said "THS" across our chest and grey shorts that stopped around the top of my thiegh. I put my black long hair into a pony-tail and made it hang over my shoulders. I looked in the mirror one last time before i walked out of the girl's locker room. I saw my green eyes refelcting the room's light in the mirror, and my pink skinny lips tucked in my mouth. then, i finally walked out of the room.

I walked out of the back school building following the other teenagers not far away from the boys & girls' locker room.

everyone started to jog so i did as well.

then, we finally got outside in a football feild, the green grass took over. the grass was bright green it almost made my day. it was so beautiful. the white letters stood out of the green grass saying "TONG HIGH SCHOOL" across the middle of the field.

a young adult came out of the school building holding a clip board, our gym teacher.

"alright kids, today we're gonna spice it up a little. today we're playing our favorite game 'the flag game', get in teams!"

everyone groaned.

everyone split up in two, then i spotted someone that would help me not make a big fool of myself.

it was danielle.

she waved her hand at me to get in her team so i walked over to her.

I stood next to her and she whispered in my right ear "all we do is get to the other side without getting tackled. we grab the other team's yellow flag. and run back. let's make it successful."

I looked at her. psh that should be easy. I thought to myself.

"yeah okay." I said aloud.

"alright yellow team there, red team there, when I blow my whistle, red team your stealing the flag first!" the gym teacher clapped his hands and everyone got in their spots.

"as always." danielle mummer.

my team walked over to one side of the field & the other team walked to the opposite.

I heard the whistle blow and I ran as quick as possible.

come on, come on. I thought to myself while running.

I couldn't find Danielle but i kept running anyways, I saw everyone getting tackled it made me feel bad because i was super close to the yellow flag.

so easy.. but then, right on que, a african-american curly headed boy ran towards me pushing me hard to the grass. face flat.

I groaned.

the whistle blew and i sighed heavily. going back towards my team.

tons of teens had grass in their heads and all over their uniform.

"alrighty, looks like the red team didn't steal the flag. yellow team, its your turn!"

great I thought.

I got in position, and the yellow team did aswell.

"weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" the whistle blew.

I ran knocking down how ever many people I could trying to defend our flag.

just then, i saw a black haired boy running freely towards the flag.

so, i ran after him.

I ran as fast as I could. he was so close to the flag, when I didn't have time to think, i jumped on his back.

my team cheered, and I heard the boy groan, so i got off of him.

I chuckled, then pulled out a hand to help him up.

he scratched his neck. "thanks.."

"for helping you up, or for the 'jumping-on-your-back' part..?" I put my hands behind my back.

he smiled. "good look-out, I was so close to getting your flag."

"yeah, next time watch your back." i chuckled.

"yeah, don't get too excited that was just luck." he shrugged his shoulders and walked off back to his team.

luck? i thought to myself. psh, that was skills..

I frowned and went back to my team. luck..







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