the player of love.

jasmine kelly parks wants to start all over again. she's at her new school, meaning - new school, new life, new everything - thats her motto. she wants to keep it that way until she actually finds herself. she wants to keep all her negative life in 2012. its 2013, and this is the new jasmine kelly. she's ready, she's ready to start the new year. "perfect, i want it perfect" she mummers to herself. its her last year of highschool, "i'm ready.." she mummers right before she enters the school building.


1. everything ~


Jasmine's POV:


I took a few breathers before i walked inside the building.

"TONG HIGH SCHOOL" i read the words across the school building.

im ready i whispered to myself over and over.


After a few bumps and "sorrys" i finally got to my first class, great english..

I sat in the last seat in the last row in a small corner. i mean of course i wanted to make new friends but no i thought to myself no, i dont wanna start off being in the middle of attention. i sighed. i wanna start of small.. i thought over and over again small.

After last year at my old school everything went wrong, but i have to remember to keep all the negative thoughts in 2012. I need to remember its 2013. meaning new school, new me. I just can't ever forget last year. everything went wrong. it's like i can't trust no one.


..and i mean no one.


~ flashblack ~

    I looked at the picture on the website over & over. "TIM, HOW COULD YOU?!" i yelled tears dropped from my face to my phone. "i-i-i... i cant even.." i whispered. he stood there like an idiot, half-hearted. i could tell he wanted to say something he opened his mouth but nothing came out. "g-get over yourself, jas." he whispered, looking at me. i looked at him with my wild eyes.

i wanted to scream.

i wanted to punch him.


i looked at him screaming at the top of my lungs. my eyes wild with hatred.

i stepped a little closer.

another second, i stepped even closer, so close we're nose to nose.

i stared at him, "if you ever.. and i mean-- ever.. say something.. s-so dumb.. so stupid.."

i squinted my eyes and shook my head, i ran towards the front door slamming it shut.

i slammed the door and cursed under my breath. "UGH!" i yelled at the moon.

i'm sure the whole entire neighborhood heard.

i didn't care though.

Tim, he cheated. some people may got cheated on, and may think "okay, this happens in most relationships." but this, this relationship was perfect. but i knew it was too perfect to be true. i knew it. i knew it. he gave me everything. anything a girl could want. he was the sun to my flower that helped me live. i would've died for him. it's like your favortie baby doll. i mean, how could you even live without your baby doll? words couldn't explain my relationship with him. i loved him so much. i really did.


he stopped talking to me, he was avoiding me.

was he cheating? yeah.

did i know? nope.

did he lie? of course.

i jumped off of his porch. i walked down the street watching the house lights go off.

crap. i left my sweater.

the one he gave me.

 i kept walking with only my phone to hold. ignoring the cold.

i thought about that song i always hated, that one song i couldn't stand. i didn't believe the lyrics at all, until now.

" ever wonder bout what he's doing? how it all turned to lies. sometimes I think that it's better.. to never ask why. where the is desire, there is gonna be a flame, where there is a flame someones bound to get burned. but just because it burns doesn't mean you're gonna die. you've gotta get up and..


~ end of flashblack ~

I crossed my legs as the bit of students walked into the classroom. i sighed. new me. i thought one more time. and the bell rang.




~hey everyone, hoped you all liked my first chapter. i'll try & post everyday. or twice or three times a day if i have the time. don't worry, zayn & the other 4 boys of one direction is still to come. please put feedback & like. please beg your friends to read this. (: thanks everyone. -mia =) ~

what do you think is gonna happen in the next chapter? feedback please! =)


P.S. - i'll explain more in the next chapter, don't worry!













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