Love and Other Things

A girl named Larissa was walking home from school when a bus was right about to hit her. One of the boys in the bus panicked and instantly fell in love with her. After they met at the park and she fell for him too.


1. The Walk Home

Larissa an imaginative 19 year old girl with long blond curly hair was walking home from school when she heard a shreek. She fell to the ground with a big THUMP!. She tried not to freak out, or tell her parents. So she started to cry. She was in alot of pain; she had to let something out. All 5 of the boys came rushing out of the bus." Are you okay" Zayn asked. "Yes" she replied. "Are you sure love I mean our bus could have killed you. I could take you to the doctor; your leg looks swolen." Liam said. " What's your name?" He asked " um Larissa, wait do I know you?" " Why, I'm Liam from one direction" he said in surprise. " Never heard of you" she said as if she was to scared to talk. " meet me at 492 Kensington park " Liam said leaving and he passed her a paper
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