The Welts

If you went to sleep i your comfy,warm bed but woke up in a diffrent world , how would you respond to the situation? how would you feel? scared? confused? angry? maybe sad even , well this is how I felt when I was suddenly thrown into another world.


1. Waking up Once

I woke up to flickering lights and a cold metal bed when I plainly remember going to sleep on my comfy , warm bed in a semi dark room.

I probabley should've been panicing a little but i felt oddly detached dreaming I thought to myself while sitting up and looking around, I was reminded of lab from a horror movie where they rip your guts out while your screaming or something, with the scary looking tools on the walls in plastic cabinets and the little table by the bed with scapels, and needles and all that only diffrence was it looked in a state of disrepair.

After investigating the room further and finding I decided to leave via the big round door that looks straight out of the portal game ,or maybe it's just me hehe, which jumped open before I could touch it ... it opened sideways.... is this another portal dream?  I thought laughing out loud, well in my dream anyway. Assuming that when I sat up on the lab-table I was facing North, that means I went East to go through the door and I could now go either North to the left or South to the right.

Turning right to go South I heard a noise behind me ... no not a noise a song a melody a.... er well just a song okay?, I heard the song and it seemed to be reaching out to my very soul calling me toward it, and you know what I did something that might've been considered stupid, at the time but now that I look back I realise it saved quite a bit of time BUT we'll get to that later, I followed the songdown the north hallway.


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