Chloe goes on a camping trip with her friend Maddie
And the lads from One Direction. Will this camping trip be their last?!?!?
Read more to find out


1. Phone call 4 U

Yeesh a phone call at 3 in the morning,? What could they
Possibly want?!?! Hello? I say a bit annoyed hellooo the person
On the other line said, what do you need I asked?!. You are the 100
Called today and you won a camping trip for you and your friends,. But I never
Called this number. Yes you did the person says. Mabey I
Just don't remember. Okay when and where I ask they hung up. Then my alert
For e- mails went off and the company somehow got my email and texted me the deets. End of the line forest at eight this morning. Something weird was happening
.... I'll
Call my friends from school I dial their numbers and call all of them
and say hi we're going camping today for free. They all said count me in. I packed my bags and drove to each of my friends houses and picked them up. They asked where we
We're going. I said some place called end of the line forest. Oh Harry said that must be on the Pennsylvania Maryland border and I said probably yes. We see a sign that said turn back now and 'we all got shivers down our spines. What have I gotten us into?!?!
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