Summer Love

When Becca Watson moves into her apartment, she finds out that One Direction are her new neighbors. She just graduated from college and is ready to start her life. She soon starts crushing on Zayn. Then Zayn finds out and asks Becca out. How things turn out for them?


2. I can't believe they're famous

Quick Recap: Becca got a new apartment, her next door neighbors are One Direction, they all leave, Becca gets their numbers, and she soon realizes that they are One Direction.


I can't believe that a world-famous boy band lives right next door to me. That should only be happening in those fanfictions I read. But not in real life.

As I mulled it over for a few minutes, my phone buzzed, alot.

Louis: I must eat carrots!!!!!!!!!

Niall: I love food!

Silly Niall!

Liam: You got our numbers!

Harry: Hey, pretty gurl.

Zayn:Do I look okay? I sent a picture, just to be sure.

Sigh. Will most of these boys ever grow up?

I texted them all back, and started a group conversation for all of us. Here's part of it, so you get the idea.

Harry: You need to come over, babe.

Liam: Shut it, Harry. She probably already has a boyfriend, anyway.

Becca: No, actually. I'm currently single.

Niall: We're coming back home! Can you buy us Nando's, Becca?

Becca: Sure, Niall.

Zayn:You don't have to do that.

Becca: It's okay. I don't mind. You guys are famous. Of course I have to buy you something once in a while.

Liam: Yes, we are famous, but that doesn't mean you can buy us stuff. We have piles of money, sitting at the ends of our beds with a pile of clothes right next to it.

Becca: I will. Don't try to stop me, because I am.

Niall: Yeah, Liam! She said she's buying it!

Liam: Fine. But after this, we're buying every meal.

Zayn: Yay! Finally we found someone awesome!!!!!!!

Harry: What.....

Liam: ??????

Niall: Okay. I almost lost my appetite.

Louis: Um.... Zayn?

Zayn: What?

Louis: Do you like Becca?

Zayn: No?

Harry: Then why did you say, 'Yay! Finally we found someone awesome!'?

This conversation went on for quite a long time. I had driven down to Nando's and picked up almost the whole menu, plus a few other things for Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry. By the time I had gotten home, I saw five boys sitting on the couch.I smiled and they saw mw.

"A little help?"


Sorry this is kinda short. Running dry on ideas and working on two more stories. I'll try to make it longer for chapter three


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