Luke Styles {Sequel to Luna Styles}

BOOK #2: "I love you baby." "I love you more daddy."


3. Memories

I pulled out the dusty, blue books from the shelf. Wiping them clean, I sat down on my parents' bed and took a deep breath.

The first thing I saw was my mom sitting in a garden, reading. Her long brown hair was curly and wild looking. She wore a coral colored dress. The sun was shining and it hit her face perfectly. Her eyebrows were furrowed as she looked down at the book. My dad's handwriting was underneath.

'Studying hard, or Hardly Studying?'

The next picture was her laughing at the camera, waving her book in the air.

'Hardly Studying'

My mother walked in, and sat beside me. She stroked my hair as she smiled at the pictures.

"I remember that day," she explained. "He caught me by surprise."

I flipped the page and saw my mom and dad at the beach. He wore gray swimming trunks and she wore a black bikini top with jean shorts.

"That was our first anniversary. We both loved the beach and he decided to bring me there to celebrate."

They both looked so young and happy. Their hair was blowing in the wind, and they wore sunglasses. Their smiles were from ear to ear, and they almost glowed.

'Fun in the Sun'

A picture of their footprints in the sand.

'She Has Small Feet'

A picture of their names carved in a tree.

'Leaving Our Mark On the World'

A picture of my mom with ice cream on her nose and my dad laughing at her.

'I Better Run'

I flipped through more pictures of my parents' dates and then found their wedding photos.

My mother stood in a beautiful, long, white dress. Her hair was curled and her veil was pushed back. She looked tan and fit. She held my father's hands. He wore a crisp tuxedo, and you could almost smell his cologne from looking at the picture. They had tears in the eyes as they listened to the priest speak.


The next photo was of my dad kissing his bride.

'After. Finally'

My mom raised her hand to her eyes and had to leave the room.

The next page had a picture of my mother laying in bed in her hospital gown, holding me as a baby. Her hair was a mess, and she was sweating. She had no makeup on, and she had dark circles under her eyes. My father had drawn an arrow to her and wrote the word 'Beautiful' with a heart next to it. I ran my fingers over the baby and looked down at the caption.

'I Love You Luna'

A photo of my mom, dad and newborn me.

'Happy Little Family'

Then, a picture of a much younger me, holding a baby in my arms. My heart skipped a beat and I felt the tears burn my eyes.

'Welcome Anna-Lise'

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