Luke Styles {Sequel to Luna Styles}

BOOK #2: "I love you baby." "I love you more daddy."


2. He Loves You

*Day Of Harry's Funeral*

"Come on Lukey, lets get you ready." I picked Luke up out of the crib and carried him to the changing table. When he was all clean, I put a sweater vest and khaki pants with dress shoes on him and combed his few strands of curly brown hair. His striking green eyes stared up at me as I hummed while getting ready. I had put on a black skirt and a floral top with flats on, and had put my hair in an elegant bun. I sighed, looking at myself in the mirror. I looked so much like my mother, and Luke looked just like my dad. Scooping him up in my arms, I got into the car with my uncles, all wearing tuxes.

"Ready?" uncle Zayn asked us, hands on the wheel. We nodded and we drove in silence to the funeral home.

The depressing music and dark venue overwhelmed me, and I sat in the back, bouncing Luke on my knee. People got up and said words about my father, but I was not paying attention. I was too sad to hear everything they were saying, I missed him so much. Uncle Liam came and tapped me on the shoulder, and led us outside. They opened his coffin before they burried him, Luke reached out his arm and whispered nonsense in his own language.

"That's daddy, he loves you very much Lukey, very much." I told him, kissing him on the cheek. My mother went up to my father's side and kissed his forehead. I watched silently as Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis gathered around him and started to sing 'You & I' and 'Diana' quietly. They shut the coffin and lowered him into the ground. I still had no emotion, I could not let all of them see me cry, not again. When they finished, and me and Niall were the only ones standing at his grave, he touched me on the arm and nodded, knowing exactly what I was thinking. He walked away, leaving me and Luke staring at his tombstone.

"Hey dad," my voice shook, "I-I love you. And I'm gonna do what you asked me to, I promise. Luke will know you." I reached down and let my fingers touch the cold rock with his name engraved in it. I felt a tear roll down my face, and Luke's chubby hand wiped it from my cheek. I smiled and he giggled.

"Daa?" he pointed at the ground. I nodded and took a deep breath. "We'll visit soon." I whimpered and walked back towards the car. We again drove in silence and at home we immediantly changed into comfortable clothes. Once Luke was put down for a nap, I decided it was time to look at some photo albums.

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