Teen Book Reviews and Recommendations

This novella, as the title suggests, is a collection of book that I have read and reviewed. Since I read each book personally I have I better understanding of the book and can really review it as an author, reader, and a writer. If you have any suggestions of what you want me to read PLEASE comment, I am always looking for a good read.


3. The Selected (Kiera Cass)

When I first picked up The Selection I was surprised that I enjoyed it that much. For me it was similar to Divergent meets the "Bachelor". The story line in general was appealing because it seemed like a weird way to meet the future queen. These girls train to be future princesses. I prefer dark, meaningful books but this one just made me smile. America's love story is filled with the cutest moments that make you want to smile; the ones that everyone want to have in a relationship. The 2nd book is available for pre-ordering and I am quite excited to read it. The Selection is an easy read and doesn't really paint an extremely vivid picture of the supposedly elegant palace. This was no problem for me -and should't be for readers who love a good story - because it allows you to create your own image of each character and setting. Based on the synopsis of the 2nd book, it seems that Keira Cass is trying to experiment with a slightly more serious form of writing, involving politics and social philosophy. 

Within the 220 pages of the book I found my self wondering about what would be in store for America as the Selection continued. Although this doesn't feel like a relatable topic it is nice to think that something similar (without the tiaras) could happen: finding a love story in the most least likely place. This very sweet and heart-felt genre is not always the best for a riveting, deep, and thoughtful analysis, but is enjoyable non-theless. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to feel like a princess or simply loves a love story that will make you laugh, smile, and cry within the binding of a book

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