Teen Book Reviews and Recommendations

This novella, as the title suggests, is a collection of book that I have read and reviewed. Since I read each book personally I have I better understanding of the book and can really review it as an author, reader, and a writer. If you have any suggestions of what you want me to read PLEASE comment, I am always looking for a good read.


5. Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Cassandra Clare)

Lately I had been reading through books very quickly. So after I finished reading Matched I was told, by many people, to read City of Bones. I had heard good reviews on other blogs and recommendations from my class-mates. The City of Bones is about a normal girl Clary, discovers the magical and mystical world of Shadow-hunter Jace. She stumbles upon this world after discovering that her mother was kidnapped by an evil shadow-hunter. She desperately learns the way of the DownWorlders and the world within hers, reaching into the past to find her mother. But along the way she finds her self in a choice of love.

I have to admit, that based on the title and the overwhelming populatiry of dystopian books I thought City of Bones would be another one of these books. But as I began reading it, I discovered that it is a fantasy. Not like the normal witch, werewolf, and vampire fantasy, however. This is becasue the way the author wrote the book it produced a dark and eery sensation that added a mystery that I had never read. 

I often find that the most popular way to present books with strong leads, but the author chose to wrote in omniscient third person. This means that she writes it as a "third person" who sees all of the events occurring including the thoughts of each character. I usually do not like third person because it can become confusing to read; however, Clare delicately writes the plot in way that seems like a movie. The descriptive detail bring the dark mood I mentioned earlier.

Although I try to read a variety of different novels I find myself reading a similar story-line. Strong female lead has a guy best-friend and that has had a secret crush on her years. But in a turn of events, comes a long a mysterious new guy that sweeps her off her feet. The two boys then have to battle for her affection. I have seen it many times before. Hunger Games with Peeta and Gale; Matched with Xander and Ky; The Selected with Aspen and Maxon; and Twilight with Jacob and Edward. This is no different. Except as readers we keep being drawn to love triangles because its interesting. The reader gets to experience what it would be like to choose between two forces: history vs. excitement. The Simon versus Jace conflict in these books is just as exciting as the others. Having "teams" over who the main character should date. It adds a bit of fun to it.

Overall, this is a good gender neutral book for both girls and boys since it is in third person. Not like the chick books who are written from first person. It gracefully presents the magical world of the shadow-hunters intwining a complex love story. A must read for people who enjoy a magical mystery

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