Teen Book Reviews and Recommendations

This novella, as the title suggests, is a collection of book that I have read and reviewed. Since I read each book personally I have I better understanding of the book and can really review it as an author, reader, and a writer. If you have any suggestions of what you want me to read PLEASE comment, I am always looking for a good read.


6. Beta (Rachel Cohn)

As I have expressed in the past, I mainly interested in science fiction novels that have a strong female lead. I read this book because it seemed to be perfect my tastes. However, I soon learned that it was more than just a dystopia. 

Elysia is a clone. She is engineered to be perfect and serve in a perfect world. Her soul purpose is to serve. Except she doesn't have a soul. After emerging she learns the true costs at which this world is made to be perfect. She discovers the corrupt ways of the residents on a perfect place. As searches for an answer she is lead astray with feelings. How could an unfeeling, soulless clone have feelings? That is where the story leads. The rest of the book Elysia discovers the truth behind the cloning community and the life of her First, the girl she is cloned from. 

When I read the synopsis I was hooked. Dystopian books aways include a "perfect" society that turns out to be corrupt. But the real thrill is discovering how and why. In this particular story, Rachel Cohn writes as Elysia; the unfeeling, soulless clone. This style of writing brings a new depth to the feelings of this BETA. It really brings the reader to realize that the world may seen black and white. But nothing is never as it seems. In the beginning of the story it is pure, like Elysia. But then as Elysia learns more and more the story takes a dark turn. It was  slightly unsettling and very sudden. But it was exciting. 

The last few chapters are unexpected. The uncertainty and drama leave the reader wanting more. Even if the style of writing is not the reader's "cup of tea". I recommend this boo for people who like a developing story with big plot twists. Don't forget the simple elegance and beauty of a furutristic paradise.

WARNING: this book contains adult themes. Recommended for ages 13 and older. 


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