The Hunger Games- Small Fan Fictions

Hey guys, I wrote a few small fan fictions, or 'headcannons' about The Hunger Games, which is like my favourite book ever :D and Harry Potter is awesome too. :)


4. #4

~ Cato's POV ~


I jumped up, sticking my hand in the air. This was my last chance, the last year I was in the reaping. I had trained for this moment for my whole life. I was ready.

"I volunteer!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. The young boy on the stage looked relieved as I marched up the stairs to take his place. I held my head high as I shook the female tribute's hand. I think her name was Clove. She was very muscly and had long, brown hair and dark brown eyes. When she smiled at me, she looked beautiful.

"Hey." She muttered. I nodded back at her, and then the trumpets started blasting so I turned to the audience for the anthem.

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